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“Swami” Nithyananda Seems To Have Had The Last Laugh, For Now At Least!

"Swami" Nithyananda (as he is called) is reported to have fled the country and set up his own 'nation' that he calls 'Kailaasa', where he promises a lot to his followers..

“Swami” Nithyananda (as he is called) is reported to have fled the country and set up his own ‘nation’ that he calls ‘Kailaasa’, where he promises a lot to his followers.

We can have a hearty laugh at Nithyananda’s expense and ridicule him, but the fact that he has captured the imagination of so many people while managing to avoid jail time for his crimes and misdemeanours proves that he is too powerful to be apprehended.

According to various reports, controversial spiritual guru Nithyananda has fled the country and formed a new nation ‘Kailaasa’ (a homeland for Hindus) by allegedly purchasing an island from the Ecuador government, who have denied selling him any piece of land or granting him asylum.

Messenger of God? Really?

The man who claims to have the knowledge and power to move the sun and moon; fly an aircraft in ways that I cannot comprehend; talk about things like me in me and spiritual suicide (which makes you want to commit actual suicide) is in the news again and obviously for all the wrong reasons.

He has been infamous for the numerous sex scandals and rape allegations (something that many other godmen have been accused of) but has still managed to get the kind of fan following that most politicians would envy, with support both within and outside the country.

Born as A. Rajasekaran in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, Nithyananda became a known face across the country, albeit for reasons that he wouldn’t have liked in 2010, when video clips surfaced of him and Tamil actress Ranjitha being intimate, something that both of them have denied while also questioning the authenticity of those videos.

What two adults do in a consensual manner is their own business and we don’t have a right to put them under any sort of pressure for that. But the thing that we cannot condone about his behavior are allegations of rape and child abuse, for which he had to face jail time as well.

What also cannot be excused is the role of those in government and administration, irrespective of the ideology they belong to, in helping him first set up the ashrams and then turning a blind eye to his activities.

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The list of allegations against him also includes the murder of Sangeetha Arjunan in 2014 at an ashram run by Nithyananda. Although the ashram claims that she suffered a cardiac arrest (very unlikely since she was just 24), a post mortem revealed that certain organs were missing from her body, apart from the considerable swelling and clotting around her legs. That he or his aides have not been brought to book shows us how godmen can escape with the most ungodly of acts in our country.

Like any true godman, Swamiji has spread his wings abroad in his not so peculiar fashion. And so have his scandals.

Where is your passport, sir?

It would not be a surprise if we find out that Nithyananda has connections very high up in our legislature, judiciary, and police, which helped him escape justice for so long, and has also allowed him to flee the country without a passport (which had expired last year and was not renewed) and set up shop elsewhere be it Ecuador, Mauritius or some other country. The irony is not lost on anyone when a person without a valid passport is offering his followers one which will apparently allow them free access into all eleven dimensions and fourteen lokas, including Kailaasa. Please do not ask me about those wretched lokas and dimensions because I don’t even want to know what they are.

He also has the audacity of calling our courts stupid for which he can be charged with contempt. And as if that was not enough, he then goes on to say that he is ‘Param Shiva’ and telling his followers that death cannot touch them, (which is a big fat lie) but the fact that there are so many people who are spending their time, money and energy on his teachings is a cause for concern.

How far can he really take it?

He has promised the moon to his followers in terms of what this island nation of Kailaasa has to offer, from free healthcare, food, and education, to a revival of the temple based lifestyle.

And this facade of a nation has its own cabinet comprising various departments like health, human services, housing, commerce, and treasury, technology and enlightened civilization. There are also some jobs available in his self-styled empire for anyone who is interested to apply. That he has been allowed to take things this far is shameful enough, but I am sure that things will only get better for him from here.

He could be a very successful leader though. The fact that Kailaasa is being run by a fraud makes it similar to so many other nations whose premiers have a very shady background. And the fact that they get re-elected in spite of the ever-increasing list of scandals to their name has convinced me that Nithyananda could become the longest-serving leader of Kailaasa till our law enforcement agencies wake up from their slumber and finally arrest him.

But beyond the legality of what he has done or not done, the fact that his extremely questionable and mind-numbingly stupid theories and his absolute disdain towards the proven theories of science is being lapped up by people who are gullible enough to not just believe him but also spread his gospel of an alternate reality and propagate utter misinformation among others. He needs to be shown for what he is before it is too late.

Image source: YouTube

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