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Is Our Society Progressing Or Putrefying With Respect To Women?

Posted: November 10, 2016

Gender inequality is so rampant even in our court verdicts – will this situation ever change? What can we, as women, do to deal with all this?

My thoughts go to the recent Supreme Court verdict that had made news in social media.

I am just repeating below the statement of court below in case some of you don’t know yet.

A Hindu man can divorce his wife if…

I was surprised to hear this verdict even in this era where we all combat for egalitarianism and social justice. Are our value systems really progressing or deteriorating? Not a sign of constructive change in our social ethos.

Of course it is the duty of wife to look after her husband’s parents also and she should not create any resentment in the mind of husband against his parents which is right way. But that doesn’t end the obligation to take care of her parents too. Why this partiality for two genders?.

I do have some questions to our supreme board or group of people who have passed this judgement.

Can a Hindu Women divorce her husband if…..?

  • If he doesn’t agree to look after her parents if they don’t have a son? This being a duty of a daughter to support her parents when they don’t have a male child to take care of them. Should the wife keep her parents in old age homes?
  • If he is addicted to alcohol/drugs and wastes money and torture mentally/physically?
  • If he is a flirt and has borderline extra-marital affairs that cannot be proven?
  • If he doesn’t allow her to go for a job?

Whatever happens, it is always considered a woman’s fault! Are the legal systems of our country blind towards women’s issues?

I would always urge women to be

  • Self-dependent. Do not depend on others. Always keep some amount in your savings.
  • Acquire knowledge. Never stop learning however small it may be.
  • Never worry about anything. Worry doesn’t solve any problems.
  • Be bold enough to face any issue which will give you strength.
  • Do not trust people too much.
  • Make some time for yourself every day.
  • Finally, believe in a god – have some faith somewhere.

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  1. One path which I can think of without the legal recourse (because this seems to be a rat hole) is that women be independent and not think of marriage as the “ultimate game in settling down”. Many of the women I know – and this includes well educated, qualified and professional women, believe that it is their duty to keep a marriage going. The families of these women believe their “name” is spoiled if the daughter even thinks of stepping out of the marriage. Imagine a society where marriage is not a way of economic survival but a choice made by two adults because they want to spend their lives together. All these laws will then become defunct.

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