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Married Women Are Equally Responsible For Maintaining Their Parents, Says Bombay High Court

Posted: July 14, 2016

Married women can also take care of their parents according to the Bombay High court. A step towards women’s equality. Read to know more.

In a landmark judgement upheld by the Bombay High Court – A married woman too is responsible for maintaining her parents. This is by far the most righteous step towards women’s equality. It is not always about demanding rights, but doing our duties too.

The Judgement

The Bombay High court has said that a married daughter too should share the responsibility of her parents. In a particular case of Vasant vs. Govindrao Upasrao Naik, Criminal Revision Application No. 172/2014, the High Court rejected the pre-conceived notion that a married daughter has obligations only towards her husband’s family and not her own parents.

Age old notions

With this judgement, many age old notions will be broken

Many people still prefer educating boys over girls, as they see them as their providers. This will help break the bias and encourage parents to educate their girls.

It will also help in negating the belief of daughters being ‘Paraya Dhan’ (belonging to somebody else’s family) and thus not taking money from them.

It puts a stand in the society that-if after marriage girl becomes a part of her husband’s family that does not imply she has left her parents’ family.

This judgement encourages women to be financially independent not just for themselves but for their parents too.

With a girl no more being a burden, hopefully the practice of dowry and female infanticide will reduce.

Most importantly, it does away with gender defined roles.

Kudos to this judgement!!

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  2. It is not about equality. Married or not married one must take care of parents.

  3. its a good decision.. but married women who is independent should also share the same with her husband and husband’s family. It is not like husband should do everything for her wife and wife resources should go to only her family. Here comes the married women thinking not to be biased.

    • well said… equality should be both sided and not single sided…

    • It should be both side.Both the partners should support each others family .

    • The judgement did not say married woman’s resources should go only to her parents. It said married woman can also take care of her parents just like any man does if she wishes to. I don’t see why people don’t get it. It’s a simple judgement that gives women a little more freedom in supporting her parents as well apart from her own family (her husband and kids). Plus, why it is always expected from a woman to support her inlaws all the time when her husband is there to do that. Does a man put the same amount of efforts in supporting her wife’s family as much as she puts? Why can’t we make life simpler for women by not pressuring them so much all the time.

    • Shobha Kalyanaswamy -

      I agree with Nirdosh’s comments a 100%!

  4. I don’t think this is equality…I think married women should be equally responsible to in-laws while married man should as well be equally responsible for his in-laws, that is equality…Whether you are a girl or a boy you need to be responsible for your parents, when a court demands her to be responsible for his parents by law, then same law should demand him to be responsible for her parents as well…Then we can call it equality.

  5. Parents are not objects that need to be maintained. They are to be taken care of. Please feel free to write in Hindi if your English is poor, as bad choice of words can be disrespectful.

  6. @Ramya ,Unfortunately in our society a daughter is not expected to take care of her parents and neither is son-in-law. There are cases where all the earnings of a women are used by the husband and in-laws. I do feel a judgement like this helps and is a step towards equality.

  7. @Vikram..Thanks for pointing out the mistake which even the editor could not. The problem is my Hindi is poorer than my English :).I had no intention of portraying parents as an object.Apologies if you found it disrespectful.

  8. Best decision taken…

  9. An unmarried daughter above 18 can claim maintenance from father, but an unmarried son above 18 cannot. This law also need to be changed.

  10. Jaison Samuel -

    Insane logics. Comments. Every individual has to take care of their parents irrespective of gender. But case to case basis it varies. If there are 2 brothers and any one of them takes care of the parents, it is all mutually agreed b/w them and as long as the parents are comfortable being with, they can be in the care of anyone of their son. equality, it is not that both sons has to give equal amount of money or time. It’s all about how they can treat them respectfully and take care of them whenever in need. In todays world, most girls think that their parents are only humans to be taken care off. You cannot find any equality here in taking care of your parents.
    And few females still talking about dowry & female infanticide. Today few girls will not go for the second child if the 1st one is boy ‘coz they feel they are more comfortable with boy. what I say these females who shouts for equality is plz be a one what you claim for today. Give birth to female even if your 1st is boy. Grow you boy in such a way he will not expect anything from a girl and her family when he marries. take that as your responsibility rather barking simply at men.

    • Shobha Kalyanaswamy -

      Totally agree. Equality has to be two sided. BTW, I do have a brother but I also firmly believe that taking care of my parents is as much my responsibility and my parents are super comfortable staying with me. I have just one daughter and purposely chose not to have a second – nothing to do with gender but just wanted to have one for various reasons.

  11. We are only two daughters.
    I being elder realized quickly that people who came for marriage had certain expectations. Their concern usually was which they would say to my father….who will look after you ..you dont have son. My father would go silent. And i would be asked i would decline the marriage proposal.

    In one such get together again the same question was asked. I couldnt hold myself back and replied…i will. And you should be ready to acknowledge that being the elder daughter…the responsibility first lies on my shoulder than my sisters. If this acceptable then we can think ahead.
    They left…i told my father this is going to be ny condition.

    I am happy that my parents passed away when i was standing next to them. My dad specially ..he was always afraid he would die alone. And one day i had to tell him..i will take you with me. Even if you live in a separate house…you will live next door.

    As for me i couldnt get married…i guess nowadays there are fewer men who want wives..and more who want slaves…or a house maid.

    • I really salute to you for such a strong decision where the society is still with the narrow minded approach towards daughters responsibilties & her parents care coz still we live in male dominating society. The word really ear burning to hear when someone says” beti paraya dhan”. A daughter can’t be considered like an object (dhan daulat) she is a human. Given opportunities n nourished properly then has the same abilities like a male child but she was mostly under estimated in our society in one or other way. If every daughter will take a stand like you then I’m sure those narrow minded people of our society has to change their views but for that every female education is important. so, she can stand for herself & for her parents care.
      Our existence is due to our parents…they had sleepless nights when we were ill…during our exams, they were seriously supporting us every moment to relax n concentrate so we wont be panic…for our prize rewards even if it’s a small achievement they were excited n celebrated whole heartedly…
      Uper wala sab dekhta hai…aur hisab be rakhta hai…for him beta..beti..sabh ek…just humans!!
      If a female has to abonden his parents after marriage then it’s good to abonden such marriage proposal…I rejected few marriage proposals telling them if I have to abonden …then plz u too abonden your parents…there was silence on the other side…lol …moral of the story is his parents or my parents …all are parents..our existence is due to them…so no question for such thought…both should take care of them.

  12. Girls now under the law have equal rights in their parents inheritance so it make sense that they should look after their parents as well.

    • @VJ SRIVAS, and since the husband benefits from his wife’s inheritance, he should be equally responsible for taking care aka supporting his inlaws as well.

      its not about money, most of the women want to help their parents but the women is already expected to support her family or husbands family financially if she works, as she resides in her husbands house .

      hence the law

  13. when parents take away girls salary business income to financially support their other married daughter then what that girl who give money has to do in life? even if she has brother, all her income is taken away by her parents to give it to her brother’s future or marrried sisters life? what parents do who produce children but expect elder daughter to do all the things for them when her marriage comes that girl and her parents expects future son in law to be donor to them? in india no parents give any share of equal wealth to their daughters even if they don’t give it is ok but at least don’t take her salary before marriage as that salary helps her post marriage to her own children and husband so on the name of dowry no harrassment will happen

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