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A software engineer ,who loves to travel.A writer by heart.

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I’m Sorry [#Poetry]

Women are body shamed, slut shamed, for everything that has to do with the male gaze. Victim blamed for it too! Here's powerful poetry that speaks of this.

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ads promoting patriarchy
It Is Time Media, Especially Advertisements Own Their Responsibility In Promoting Patriarchy

Media and ads promoting patriarchy is seriously undermining gender equality by pandering mainly to the male gaze and objectifying women.

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Talent Has No Gender, So What Does My Being A Woman Have To Do With My (Lack Of) Proficiency In The Kitchen?

Why should my gender decide my talent? Talent has no gender, and it is misplaced feminism to jeer one gender's accomplishments to elevate the other!

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Why Is Something That Is Wrong For Rucha Di Right For Her Brother?

Sometimes, a bright young light of reason needs to shine upon the hypocrisy of the inequality of gender that has a skewed idea of what is right.

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Daughter’s Money. Who Has The Right To Use It?

So you have a daughter who is married, and earns for herself. What about the money your daughter earns? Who has a right to a daughter's money?

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Women Who Earn Are Considered Unremarkable. Then Why Make A Big Deal Of Men Who Do Housework?

Men who do housework should not be considered extraordinary. It is time they started taking up their fair share of household responsibilities.

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I’d Prefer Not To Be Counted Among Superwomen If This Is What Is Expected Of Me!

Women are expected to be superwomen - managing a job, home, kids, everything! I don't care about becoming a superwoman. I'd rather be my human self!

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Command, Not Demand Respect, By Being Worthy Of That Respect!

We are asked to respect someone because they are older, or our in laws, or our boss. But you cannot demand respect like this. You need to be worthy of respect. 

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Daughter-In-Law = Housemaid?! Do We Really Need A Court To Spell Out That This Won’t Do?

A daughter in law is often treated like an unpaid maid, even among educated people. Does it need the Supreme Court of India to force mindset change?

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Dear Men, If You Think Women Get A Rotten Deal In Society, Now Is The Time To Speak Up!

Unfortunate though it is, men are more heard than women in our society. It is vital, then, that men for feminism speak up, and do their bit to drive it.

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Rakshabandhan Should Be A Festival Purely Celebrating A Bond Between Siblings, Don’t You Think?

Why should rakshabandhan be about a brother protecting a sister? Can't we look at it purely from the point of view of a bond between siblings?

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women travelling alone
Do You Give Any Of These Excuses To Avoid Travel?

Do any of these excuses to avoid travel seem familiar? Maybe someone you know is guilty of them. Here are counterarguments for all these excuses!

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And This Is Why I Equated Periods With Pain [#FirstPeriodStories]

I had no awareness about menstruation, except for a warning about reporting 'blood on panties'. When it happened, I soon equated periods with pain.

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Married Women Are Equally Responsible For Maintaining Their Parents, Says Bombay High Court

Married women can also take care of their parents according to the Bombay High court. A step towards women's equality. Read to know more.

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