Do You Give Any Of These Excuses To Avoid Travel?

Posted: August 14, 2016

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Do any of these excuses to avoid travel seem familiar? Maybe someone you know is guilty of them. Here are counterarguments for all these excuses!

I come across a list of excuses people give for not travelling. I would like to counter attack their reasons.

Travelling on work

“Oh you are lucky; you travel because of your work. Our companies don’t send us anywhere.” OR “Oh, I travel so much on work. More of the same? No way!”

Agreed, I get to travel because of my company. Despite all the travel, I get to do because of my job, I still plan my personal holidays, to places where my company doesn’t send me. You can do the same.

No leave

“We can’t take so many leaves. Loads of work.”

You just need to plan your work schedule well. Please remember paid leaves are your right. You need to take a stand with your boss, if he/she says you cannot take leaves. Work will never stop and no one is irreplaceable. No point in accumulating the leaves and en-cashing them. Remember, memories are not created by money, but by experience.


“Oh, it is very expensive!”

This is the most absurd argument. If you plan in advance, research well, you can travel as per your budget. Not all holidays have to be super luxurious. You can mix and match. Spend on what you like. Use local transport (saves you a great deal). Use budget hotels (I have the experience where budget hotels have provided more service than the mid-range).

Blame it on the kids

“My kid is too small!”

After your kid turns 1, he/she is fit enough to travel. We Indians are too protective about our kids. I have seen people backpacking with their kids. Some travel even with 3 or 4 kids. You need to get your kid to adapt to travel.

Choose a place which is suitable for kids’ travel. Take more care about the food you eat. Once your kid adapts, they too will look forward to your holidays together. Kids have a keen sense of observation. You will be surprised as to how they perceive things. No doubt, all these activities will help in the overall growth of your kid.

Sheer laziness!

“I am too lazy to plan.”

That is good at times. Not all trips need to be planned. Sometimes you can make an impromptu decision and just head out to the destination. Exploring on your own, instead of using Google is fun too.

The company we keep

“I don’t have company.”

I have traveled with complete strangers at times. I just met my roommate on my first trip abroad and the next weekend went out with her group. I have done this many times. Some of the people I traveled with – I don’t even remember their names now. And some of them I’m still in touch with, and we speak about our travel time together whenever we catch up. After a while, you would enjoy traveling so much, that you will not even wait for company and will start traveling alone.

The travel snob

“If we go we will go abroad only!”

This is the funniest excuse I have heard. How much do WE underestimate our own country? To all these people I would say, please save money to travel abroad, because the beauty of my country does not need validation from you.

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  1. I was interested by your post because I have drastically changed my view on travel over the years! I would like to propose a counter perspective, if I may.

    The happy “traveller” finds reason to travel. The happy “rester” finds reason to rest.
    While the traveller asks for reasons to justify restfulness. The one who rests asks for reasons to justify restlessness.

    To quote the wisdom of the ancient Chinese philosophy –The Tao te ching –
    You can know the universe without leaving your house.
    You can see the ways of heaven without looking out of your window.
    The further you go, the less you know.
    The wise achieve without moving. 47th Verse

    If you can travel or do enjoy it -go ahead, have a good time! But if for whatever reason, you can’t travel or don’t enjoy it -its fine – I don’t fret about it! What you lose or gain by travel is entirely a matter of perspective. Especially in this day and age, with awesome travel footage on tv and internet! You can still see so much and learn so much from the comfort of your living room! I don’t even want to travel… so I make no excuses about not doing it! But I will travel and do travel if I have to and I can’t avoid it !

    • Maybe if you have traveled and prefer rest over travel ,I can understand.But I have met so many people who tell me that I’m lucky or how do i have so many leaves or once you have kids you wont travel so much.Also if you have never traveled how can u know ,whether you will enjoy it or not.So as a traveler ,I would personally like to suggest people to travel n explore

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