5 Tips for Solo Female Travelers

Here we suggest 5 tips for solo female travelers. Traveling is fun, but following these measures, we can make it hassle free.

Here we suggest 5 tips for solo female travelers. Traveling is fun, but following these measures, we can make it hassle free.

Travelling solo can be a liberating and almost a religious experience. Without any pre-ingested bias from travelling companions, you’re at will to make your own decisions and do what you want, when you want, how you want. However, travelling alone is a scary idea, so we’ve compiled 5 ways to make your experience easier.


When travelling, safety should always be your top priority, regardless of any circumstance. The world is a dangerous place, whether you want to believe it or not. And since you’ll be travelling alone, as a woman, the risks are higher. In regards to personal safety, make sure you take a self-defence course specialized for women as you’ll never know if you’ll need it.

It is important that you plan your activities for the day in advance, that way you’ll be more confident in routes and won’t seem helpless. Trust your instincts as well, if someone approaches you in a manner that you don’t feel comfortable with, don’t shy away from being rude. It is important that you’re aware, not afraid.

When it comes to going out for drinks, it’s okay to let someone buy you a drink but make sure you’re there when they buy it so you know they haven’t added anything unwanted in there. But, to be on the safer side, its better you say no.


Take what’s necessary and adjust your belongings according to where you’re going. As a lady, make sure you plan according to your monthly cycle. Sometimes climate and altitude changes may alter your time of the month, so be prepared at all times.

Another good tip is to scan your passport and other important documents and email it to a friend in the case of an unfortunate misplacement or pickpocket. This will be easier to get everything back if the time comes. Keep your bag locked when you’re not using it and carry all valuables with you at all times. However, sometimes, while in the city you’re visiting, keep an ID with you rather than your passport (only if your passport is in a secure location). Instead of carrying lots of money with you, try using travelers’ cheques or a bank card, they may be more convenient.


Being aware of the benefits and dangers of public transport in a country/city you aren’t familiar with is essential if you’re travelling alone. Pick pocketing is a common event in some cities, so make sure you keep your zips closed at all times and carry your money in secure places (one of the best would be in your bra) and do not showcase big bills in front of anyone.

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In the scope of trains, in some places, you can request to share a compartment with a female. If you’re on an overnight train ride, it’s best to share a compartment with a family. Keep your luggage locked on airplanes and store all your important materials with you.


Usually, solo travelers tend to stay in hostels (single or unisex dorms), due to the fact that this is an excellent way to meet new people who are also exploring the city. Some hostels are also female-only, which may be safer/more comfortable to an extent.

If you stay in a hotel, make sure you do your groundwork before booking your room. It’s important that you research the security of the rooms. Likewise to hostels, there are also women-only accommodations in some countries, which are tailored for solo women who are travelling.

Regardless of where you’re staying, ask the front desk about what areas in town you should avoid (i.e. “bad/sketchy areas”) and if they have a map as well.


It’s important that you stay cautious about your surroundings when you’re travelling, especially at night. Blend into a crowd and look like you know what you’re doing, this will help divert the attention of potential thieves who want to rob unsuspecting foreigners. Being alone is an advantage and a disadvantage in this aspect. A large crowd of tourists draws a lot of attention, however if you’re spotted as a tourist, one who is confused and female as well, you become an “easy target.”

On the other side, the people you meet may be a part of the best experiences you’ll face during your solo adventure. Even though you’re a solo traveller, you’ll never feel lonely. On your trip, you’ll find people just like you and you may even feel a connection with them as they’re on the same road as you, trying to explore and learn more.

Write about your experiences as it’s the best way to feel as if you’re telling all your adventures to someone. You definitely don’t need to be too worried about travelling alone as a female, as there are many of you out there who feel the same way! There are many opportunities out there and lots of doors waiting to be opened and as a solo female traveler; you can decide which door to open without having to answer to anyone.

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