5 Hollywood Movies For Every Teenage Girl: Girl, You Need These Movies In Your Life

If you are a teenage girl or have one home, here are 5 movies that all teenage girls need in their lives. Yes, you need them.

If you are a teenage girl or have one home, here are 5 movies that all teenage girls need in their lives. Yes, you need them.

Watching movies can be a great learning process. It opens our minds and heart to different perspectives. Here are 5 movies that all teenage girls need to watch.


Alright, alright, I know this is a Disney princess movie. But let me tell you why you should watch this movie, if you hadn’t as a kid or even if you have before! Not only is Mulan the most feminist Disney princess movie in the 1990’s, but it also has catchy music, it’s inspirational and who doesn’t love a movie with a girl who has a dragon sidekick?

We all know the story by now; Mulan dresses up as man to enroll into the army to fight The Huns. Now, the fact that she does this so her father doesn’t have to, brings me to the notion that Mulan is definitely worthy of a “Best Daughter Ever” mug. Next we have her perseverance and aim in life. Mulan’s sole purpose was not to get married but to make a difference in her country. Even though she failed many times, she kept moving on and that is very admirable. Mulan is undoubtedly, a girl worth fighting for.


Like Mulan, this is another Disney princess movie. But this movie doesn’t even have a male counterpart! Brave is the story of a mother and daughter and how neither of them understand each other. This is a movie I’d recommend a teenage girl to watch rather than a girl because of how much more they’d be able to take away. Especially, watching it with your mothers, oh, the amount of side glances and “doesn’t this sound familiar?” will be uncountable. But, I do recommend you to watch it with your mom, or for a mother to watch it with her child because you’ll be able to understand what the characters are going through. Or perhaps your child will want to turn you into a bear. Nonetheless, this movie is a gem.


Juno is a more serious movie, however, a really eye-opening one. Juno is a movie about a girl who undergoes the case of teenage pregnancy, so, ideally, this film is an inside look at the hardships and struggles teenage mothers go through. This movie will probably break the stereotype: “oh they deserve the struggle they’re going through”, “they should’ve been more careful” and “how can someone be so irresponsible?” Once you watch Juno, you’ll know what not to do but you’ll also learn not to judge people based on their appearance.


Clueless is a chick-flick, without a doubt. It has no secret underlying message or any meaning to it. It’s just a movie that you’ll enjoy watching, especially with your friends. Clueless is a movie about a girl, who’s clueless. That’s about it. But, when it comes to the deep rooted, almost intoxicating, way that this movie has drilled (probably not the best word to describe it) itself into my heart, is one every teenage girl should experience. Outtie.

The D.U.F.F

In my opinion, despite the sly stupidity of this movie in itself, it’s definitely a movie I enjoyed watching and one that I would probably watch again. It’s fun, entertaining and has a great message. The D.U.F.F stands for “Designated Ugly Fat Friend.” Yikes. Now, when this term gets popular in a certain high school, the girl who wears this title, instead of fearing it, she embraces it. Alternatively to hiding her insecurities, Bianca wears them with pride and then starts a movement where people labeled “ugly” accept the term, making it beautiful. This is definitely a movie all girls should watch because of the amount of shaming and shade-throwing that happens in high school nowadays.

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