Bride From Haryana, Makes The Groom Promise The Education Of 11 Girls Before Marrying Him

In a very inspiring incident, a bride from Haryana, made her groom promise the education of 11 girls, before putting the garland around him.

In a very inspiring incident, a bride from Haryana, made her groom promise the education of 11 girls, before putting the garland around him. Here’s what happened. 

Education has always been the key to a better world. Being literate, understanding the world and our economy as well as just learning about the people around us has helped generations create and connect. However, some people are deprived of this basic right and it’s about time we made this change. A bride, about to get married, found a unique way of doing so.

Poonam, about to put a garland around her to-be husband, added a surprising condition to their marriage. What was this condition? Poonam from Haryana wanted her fiancé, Sandeep Kumar from Jhajjar, to sponsor the education of 11 underprivileged girls. Shocking? Indeed. Inspiring? Even more so.

What was even better than Poonam’s pledge was Sandeep’s response. He immediately agreed with all their family and friends as witnesses to the accordance. As an associate to a local social worker, Sanjay Ramphal, Poonam has been trying to open the right door to see a better world. Ramphal told the Times of India,  who was also at the wedding:”Initially, everyone, including me, was in shock to hear her ask Sandeep to take a pledge before they head for the pheras. But when she elaborated and told the people present that she wanted her husband to sponsor the education of 11 girls, we were all happy.”

Poonam had heard about the eighth phera long ago, the couple deciding not to indulge in female foeticide. “But I know that most campaigns rarely see success. Keeping this in mind, I wanted to do something challenging and something that will really change some lives,” she said.

All this led up to the big day, where she decided to take him up on the resolve she told him she would ask him to fulfill. Sandeep also held a coaching center; all that was needed was a ‘yes.’

Poonam’s pledge of educating underprivileged girls is a small difference to the world but a big difference in the world of those 11.

“I had been giving hints to my husband about a resolve I would want him to take and had told him I will reveal it at the right time. It is different as nobody takes such a pledge, and certainly not on wedding day. It is challenging because I will have to be an equal partner in ensuring that the pledge is fulfilled,” she said.

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