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5 Hollywood Movies For Every Teenage Girl: Girl, You Need These Movies In Your Life

If you are a teenage girl or have one home, here are 5 movies that all teenage girls need in their lives. Yes, you need them.

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5 Hollywood Movies For Every Woman: Movies That Will Make A Shift Within You

Here are 5 Hollywood movies for every woman. Movies that will touch acord deep within and may be change something within you.

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5 Hollywood Movies For Kids: This Holiday Season Let Your Kids Watch These Movies

This holiday season, let your kids watch these 5 Hollywood movies. They will not only enjoy but learn from them.

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Bride From Haryana, Makes The Groom Promise The Education Of 11 Girls Before Marrying Him

In a very inspiring incident, a bride from Haryana, made her groom promise the education of 11 girls, before putting the garland around him.

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Meet Amla Ruia: The Woman Who Brought Water To Hundred Villages In Rajasthan

Amla Ruia known as 'Water Mother' brought water to hundred villages in Rajasthan through her initiative. Here is her story.

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You Too Can Paint Your Own House With Your Kids: Here Are 4 Easy Ways

Painting your house can be fun with your kids. Here are 4 easy ways to do it. Painting together with your family, is one of the finest way to bond.

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Woman From Kerala Cancels Her Wedding And Anounces It On Facebook, To Stand Against Dowry

Girl from Kerela called off her wedding over dowry and announced it on Facebook. Her post went viral encouraging many others.

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Celebrating National Girl Child Day With These 7 Girls Who Made Us Proud

Today, we celebrate National Girl Child Day, with 7 girls, who proved that girls can be anything they wish to be, no matter what.

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7 Indian Women In BBC’s lists of Most Powerful Women in the World 2015

Here are 7 Indian women, in BBC's power list. These women made us proud. More power to them.

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All You Want To Know About The International Baccalaureate: Trio World Academy

In India, we’ve always known the ICSE, the CBSE and state boards in each state, but as a parent, now there is more available too!

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8 Fun Ways to Make Your Home More Kid-Friendly: Your Kids Are Going To Love Coming Back Home

Here we suggest 8 super-fun ways to make your home kid-friendly. Try them out. Your kids will love it.

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5 Tips for Solo Female Travelers

Here we suggest 5 tips for solo female travelers. Traveling is fun, but following these measures, we can make it hassle free.

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Anuradha Koirala: The Brave Woman From Nepal Who Has Already Rescued More Than 12,000 Girls From Trafficking

Anuradha Koirala from Nepal has been rescuing girls from being trafficked since 1993. Here's her brave story.

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Meet 10 Yr Old Ishita Katyal: The Youngest TEDx Speaker In The World [Video]

Meet Ishita Katyal, the ten-year-old from Pune, who became the youngest TEDx speaker in the world. She had something very important to say.

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5 Feminist Books Every Child Must Read

If you want your children to learn gender equality, here are 5 feminist books every child must read. Go pick them up today!

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5 Jobs For Women Who Love To Travel

If you love to travel, here we suggest 5 travel jobs for the women who love to travel. Check out, what suits you!

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10 Most Ridiculous Laws For Women Around The World: You Won’t Believe That They Exist

Here we put up 10 most ridiculous laws for women across the world. Sometimes it's difficult to believe that we live in the 21st century.

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12 Indian Books Every Child Should Read

Here is a list of 12 Indian books every child should read. Our 17-year-old intern Nayana puts up the list.

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15 Absolutely Dazzling Halloween Snacks Your Kids Can Make On Their Own

From zombie marshmallows to witch hat cupcakes, we’ve curated some awe-inspiring Halloween snacks that your children can make! Zombie marshmallows Here’s an easy, fun and yummy snack that your kids can make with minimal effort! These zombie marshmallows are spooky and will have you dying to have more. Witch hat cupcakes Martha Stewart’s brilliant recipe will have your […]

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Love Music? Here Are Awesome Music Careers In India That You Can Pursue

If you are passionate about music, it's time to make a career out it. Here are some excellent music careers in India that you can consider.

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Young Adult Literature: 10 Books That Should Be On Every Girl’s List

We asked a student to come up with her favourite young adult books and her list is surprised us with its variety and maturity.

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Making The Shift From The International Curriculum To PUC: A Student’s Point Of View

An NRI student talks about making the shift from the international curriculum to PUC and how she coped with the sudden changes.

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