5 Jobs For Women Who Love To Travel

If you love to travel, here we suggest 5 travel jobs for the women who love to travel. Check out, what suits you!

If you love to travel, here we suggest 5 travel jobs for the women who love to travel. Check out, what suits you!

Are you a travel buff? Do you love exploring new places and people? If you do, then why not make travelling your career too. There is nothing more wonderful than making your passion, your profession. Here are 5 travel jobs, for the woman who loves to travel.

Travel Nurse

Travel nurses work in a specific location for a specific period of time based on a company’s requirement. Typically, travel nurses will work in that designated area for about 13 weeks and then move to another needed area. Becoming a travel nurse is a great way for someone to be able to travel the country/world with their friends/family! That’s right; it’s perfectly fine to take companions with you wherever you’re needed by your company.

However, the requirements of a travel nurse may be a bit narrow for all women who love to travel. The minimum experience for travel nursing can range from 18 months to 6 years based on the candidate’s area of speciality. You must also have a degree as a registered nurse. Nonetheless, if you’re interested in helping people around the country/world, travel nursing is an ideal career to pursue!

Travel Writer

The scope for travel journalism is quite wide, as one can do it professionally or wherever Wi-Fi is found! Starting your own travel blog or website is one of the ways to make it as a travel writer, from the ease of your laptop. However, you must offer something new to the audience you have gained after starting your portfolio online. It’s important that you also build a network online and offline and to start travelling, small-scale first. Once you’ve gotten a solid platform, your journey will begin.

Another way to make it as a travel writer is through travel books and guides. The best way to make money after writing a novel or article is by approaching a publication you are familiar with. Knowing what style of article that is accepted will give you an edge with the competition. It’s important to keep practicing and be patient, especially if you submit pieces to magazines/newspapers.

Flight Attendant

Flight attendants dedicate their entire lives to travelling, and are usually in the air all the time. The main objective of a flight attendant is to put the passenger first, so if you have absolutely no interest in being hospitable, this job may not be right for you. The requirements for a flight attendant are quite specific and do involve training.

The candidate must have cleared the Class 12 examinations or the equivalent (10+2) in order to become a flight attendant. However, graduate degrees are preferred. In India, you must possess an Indian passport, perfect eyesight, a height of at least 157 cm, and much more.

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Now, getting to travelling, flight attendants get to explore and experience the night/day life of the cities that they fly to, being able to see all the tourist locations as well.


A travel interpreter/translator usually accompanies an English-speaker on their trips to various countries or foreign speakers to an English-speaking country. The main job of a travel interpreter/translator is to facilitate the communication between two parties and to help create a bridge between the language barriers. Depending on whether it is a business interaction or if you are a tourist guide, the communication can range from being extremely formal to colloquially informal.

Some translators even have opportunities to explore the world and learn new languages while writing about it as a travel journalist. As well as being an interpreter, translators also have other opportunities in the travel industry, like translating books, websites, marketing material, etc.

Cultural Anthropologist

To become a cultural anthropologist, you’ll have to start beforehand. Usually a bachelor’s degree is required for entry-level and a master’s/doctorate degree is required for advancement. A sociocultural anthropologist studies the language, art, customs and traditions of a certain culture or society and compares it with that of the past.

If you love experiencing and analyzing new cultures and rituals, this aspect of anthropology is perfect for you. Anthropologists are required to travel to various areas to understand each culture and may even have to live with different civilizations. This job is more for people who want to experience a new way of living, rather than take pictures with famous landmarks.

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