You Too Can Paint Your Own House With Your Kids: Here Are 4 Easy Ways

Painting your house can be fun with your kids. Here are 4 easy ways to do it. Painting together with your family, is one of the finest way to bond.

Painting your house can be fun with your kids. Here are 4 easy ways to do it. Painting together with your family, is one of the finest way to bond.

If you’re planning on painting a room in your house to add more colour and creativity to your space, here’s an easy guide on how you can do it! Painting your rooms by yourself can be a fun and rejuvenating activity, and you can get your kids involved too!

Clear the room and clean the walls

The most basic and obvious step to painting a room is to make sure all the furniture is out of it. If something can’t be removed completely, move it to the center of the room and cover it in plastic to shield it from any painting mishaps/splatters.

Cleaning the rooms and walls may be a tedious but it is necessary. Mop the floor down thoroughly and wash down the walls with water and mild detergent to remove dust and grease spots. It’s important to clean your walls beforehand as dark spots can show through light paint colours and that isn’t very great, now is it? Make sure you leave plenty of time for the walls to dry before you get started.

You can use newspaper and line the floor with it, focusing on the edges of the room.

Use painter’s tape

You can find blue painters tape in departmental stores that can be used to make your painting experience a whole lot easier. You can tape down these areas a week beforehand but make sure you remove it as soon as you’re finished painting.

Primer is your best friend

Don’t succumb to the myth that primer isn’t necessary. Prime your walls to hide dark spots and help your paint job last longer, trust me, the extra time will definitely be worth it. If you spackled any part of your wall, you should prime there as well. However, there are some paints that don’t require primer, just make sure you know which ones do and which ones don’t! But when in doubt, use primer.


Stir the paint before you begin. Use a small bowl to paint the parts of the wall that you can’t use a roller for, i.e. the edges, corners, etc. Once you pour your paint into the roller tray, things get fun. You can involve your kids and let them help in this area and paint using the roller brush. Just make sure they paint in long, continuous strokes. Painting with your children is a great way to make a hard job, fun and easy!

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Adding on more designs on top of the base colour coat is a great way to make a room more creative and unique. Try using three different colours and make the ratio 60:30:10, 60% being the dominant colour, 30% as the secondary colour and 10% for the accent colour.

Here is a great link for finding a colour scheme!

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