5 Hollywood Movies For Kids: This Holiday Season Let Your Kids Watch These Movies

This holiday season, let your kids watch these 5 Hollywood movies. They will not only enjoy but learn from them.

This holiday season, let your kids watch these 5 Hollywood movies. They will not only enjoy  but learn from them. 

The movies that kids watch shape them into the people they are today, influencing their choices and decisions. So, it’s important that as parents, you make sure they watch the right ones. I have compiled five movies that may help you swing away from the generic children movies that are out today (because honestly, we need to stop letting kids watch Minions and Frozen). These movies happen to be my personal favourites, films that I’d still watch today.

Meet the Robinsons

Meet the Robinsons, maybe in fact, be one of the most inspiring Disney movies ever made, at least, in my opinion. Lewis, a genius orphan, only wishes to meet his real mother – whom he know is still out there. But, when he meets a certain someone with slicked black hair and another certain someone with a robotic bowler hat, certain things go a certain way he wasn’t expecting. Lewis ends up time travelling, meeting the Robinsons, an amazing and ‘kooky’ family that will tug at all your heart strings and make you laugh out loud.

This is a movie that you and your child will enjoy, especially when the musical frogs make an appearance. I’ve learnt from Meet the Robinsons that even though people may criticize you and tell you that you can’t achieve something, the future is bright for everyone, even for those who bring you down. You just have to keep swimming – wait, wrong movie.

Meet the Robinsons is an extremely underrated must-watch.


Ah, don’t we all love a movie about following your dreams and not giving up? Perhaps a rhetorical question, especially when it comes to this film. Robots is one of the funniest and motivational movies I watched as a kid, making me want to invent things and be more creative. Rodney is a relatable underdog guy, who just wants to be on top of the game and on top of the world. His adventure leads him to all the crooks and crannies of trying to discover yourself and achieve your dreams, all with sly puns and satire.

As a kid, I definitely didn’t bother appreciating the animation but now I’d watch it again just to experience that detail. Robots is incredibly fresh and inspiring, something that will leave you demanding for a sequel. Ten years later, I still am.

The Iron Giant

If your kid loves giant robots, cars, aliens and futuristic weapons (mild action, of course), they’ll love The Iron Giant and everything it encompasses. This movie may not be animated as well as Minions or Frozen, but it is lively and humorous, teaching kids to break prejudices and find that actions come with consequences. You’ll be able to see a young boy teach an alien what is good and bad, can this movie get any better?

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As a kid watching this movie, I learnt that movies ending can be heartbreaking. And that the fact that these two characters that captivated my little heart weren’t real, brought me to tears. Well, at least, that’s what my mother said. Whatever the case may be, this movie is a breathtakingly emotional rollercoaster, where you ride along with a Giant and a young boy who discover the beauty of life.

The Land Before Time

If you thought The Iron Giant was old, well… strap on your boots for this one. This 1988 film was one I used to watch on a VCR cassette, yes, I know. But the fact that I broke the cassette after watching it too many times portrays just how fantastic this movie really is. Step aside from Jurassic World and The Good Dinosaur and meet the actual good dinosaurs, the ones who started it all. Here’s another orphan, a brontosaurus who, along with four other dinosaurs, learn how to survive and face obstacles while creating an unbreakable bond of friendship.

The Land Before Time has left an irreplaceable stamp in my heart, one that led me to wanting a dinosaur cake for my third birthday. This movie can be described exactly as an “oldie but goldie.” Trust me.

The Emperor’s New Groove

This movie is a more on the part of the “less educational” side of our values wheel, but if I said it wasn’t one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen, I’d be lying. The Emperor’s New Groove is exactly what its title suggests, an emperor changing his ways from being selfish to a new, groovy individual. Well, after he’s transformed into a llama.

You’ll definitely love the new (despite the movie’s age) feel this movie has. A cartoon movie without an animal sidekick or a romantic duet? What a monstrosity. Or, is it? The Emperor’s New Groove is fast moving with funny predicaments and even funnier dialogues. Did I mention this movie was funny? Comedic genius, hilarious – Oh? You get the point? Forgive me if I’m being childish, but I won’t believe you until you watch this movie.

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