Love Music? Here Are Awesome Music Careers In India That You Can Pursue

If you are passionate about music, it's time to make a career out it. Here are some excellent music careers in India that you can consider.

From owning a record label to being a music therapist and a sound engineer, here are some amazing career opportunities for those who are crazy about music.

Love music and want to do something amazing in this field? From aspiring to be India’s first female record label owner to being a music therapist, here are 10 avenues to monetize your unabashed love for music!

Music therapist

Music therapists are professionals who help their patients with a rehabilitation program using the platform of music. They work with all ages of people and encourage their patients to play or listen to music to help them through their process.

Chennai School Of Music Therapy offers both online courses and a degree in music therapy. The Music Therapy Trust in Delhi and The MET Institute of Alternative Careers in Mumbai offer excellent degrees in music therapy.

Music manager

As a music manager, one would manage the financial affairs of recording artists and musicians. This is the perfect job for someone who wants to be involved with the music industry, but also wants a job dealing with maximizing earning potential. Mumbai University offers a Bacherlor’s course in music (BMus) that covers all aspects of music, including music management.

Talent scout

A talent scout is someone with a deep passion for music and a keen ear to recognize good tones, rhythms and room for improvements. Scouts recruit individuals who possess talent into their company.

Any degree in arts, media management and entertainment will suffice but what matters is the drive to get experience on your own steam. Working with record labels, whether in the Indian rock, Bollywood or regional music scenes, will take you a long way. A ear for music and an appreciation for different kinds of music are necessary.

Sound engineer

Do you have a passion for music but parents who have a passion for engineering? This career is the best of both worlds. An audio engineer records, manipulates and rearranges sound and is in many ways responsible for how a song or an album sounds. Creating new kinds of sounds is an amazing challenge and a sound engineer’s gift can extend to cinema as well.

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If you love playing instruments but can’t sing there’s no need to worry! An instrumentalist is crucial in the music industry and is a part of the staff in record companies.

Record label owner

Now, this career may be a bit ambitious, but it is achievable for those who have a strong passion for contributing to the platform that all musicians seek out to be accepted into. A record label owner essentially takes in new and upcoming talent and helps them produce their music in order to be shared to the world.

Playback singer

In India, the opportunities for playback singers are huge. You can sing in different languages, do international shows and even take a stab at publishing or composing music!

Music arranger

An arranger ties all the aspects of a song together. With all the various aspects of a musical composition, a music arranger is necessary to put voice, harmonic structure, tempo, and tone, but most importantly, balance to the piece.

Music teacher

As a music teacher, you’d be able to teach people the real meaning of music and pass down the passion you have to them. This is an amazing way to nurture the musicians of tomorrow and inspire them to reach new heights.

Music journalist

If you’re interested in both writing and music, a music journalism career is perfect middle ground you might be seeking. There are many aspects to music journalism, such as critiquing and writing as a columnist in an entertainment magazine or a reviewer who writes about the behind-the-scenes of what goes on in this industry.

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