10 Most Ridiculous Laws For Women Around The World: You Won’t Believe That They Exist

Here we put up 10 most ridiculous laws for women across the world. Sometimes it's difficult to believe that we live in the 21st century.

Here we put up 10 most ridiculous laws for women across the world. Sometimes it’s difficult to believe that we live in the 21st century. 

It is apparent that the world is getting less chauvinistic and sexist; however, some of these laws around the world show us that we still have a very, very, long way to go. Even USA, one of the most highly regarded feminist countries, has rules that will boggle your mind. We have compiled a list of laws that show us the world is still absolute chaos.


  1. Every wife has the fear, however small or big, that their husband may cheat on them one day. And, if they do, they’ll ‘kill them!’ Well, if you live in Hong Kong, you can. There, it is legal for a woman to kill her husband if they cheat on them, but only using their bare hands. How’s that for revenge? Yikes.


  1. In Florida, it is illegal for widowed/divorced/single women to skydive on a Sunday. Yes, you read that correctly. What does skydiving have to do with marriage or Sunday? Absolutely no correlation for this insane law.


  1. In Ferrara, Italy, women who bear “evil-looks” will not be allowed to enter a cheese factory. What does “evil-looks” mean? Whether it constitutes to looking like the evil witch of the west or wearing a sign that says “evil” on it, we’ll never know. Anyway, how delightful a city that values cheese over women must be.


  1. Even though trying on countless dresses is time consuming; it is inevitable to find the perfect fit. However, if you’re in Jolliet, Illinois, it is illegal for women to try on more than six dresses. I guess trying on seven dresses is absolutely ridiculous, clearly.


  1. Saudi Arabia has some of the most unjust laws against women, for example, not being able to vote and drive. Along with that, women in Saudi are also not allowed to visit a cemetery. It is very upsetting that women in this country aren’t able to receive respect or pay their respects.


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  1. In Afghanistan, women are prohibited from doing lots of things. From wearing nail polish to laughing too loudly, women are restricted from doing things that we all do without thinking twice about.


  1. Hitting women should never be encouraged, yet in Nigeria, it is perfectly legal for violence incurred “by a husband for the purpose of correcting his wife.”


  1. If you’re a woman in Vatican City, you need to think twice, or thrice, before getting married as it’s illegal for women to get divorced there. Vatican City is independent and celibate, where women are also not allowed to vote.


  1. Only 29% of the work force in Turkey is women, due to an absurd law. Women in Turkey are not allowed to work or hold a job without their husband’s permission. This is another example where women are still under the upper hand of men, without having any leeway to make their own decisions. Forgive me if I’m being a bit too feminist, but, c’mon.



  1. Women are not allowed to experience the basic joy of watching a football game in Iran. Yes, that’s right, because of the “desire” and “lust” that is evoked when seeing men in shorts; it is illegal for women to be in the audience of football matches. I guess you could say the prejudiced lawmakers in Iran are not very good sports.

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