15 Absolutely Dazzling Halloween Snacks Your Kids Can Make On Their Own

From zombie marshmallows to witch hat cupcakes, we’ve curated some awe-inspiring Halloween snacks that your children can make!

Zombie marshmallows

zombie marshmallows
 an easy, fun and yummy snack that your kids can make with minimal effort! These zombie marshmallows are spooky and will have you dying to have more.

Witch hat cupcakes

witch cupcakes
Martha Stewart’s brilliant
recipe will have your kids decorating their own witch cupcakes and making them as scary as they please. These cupcakes will cast a chocolatey spell on you!

Banana ghosts

These banana ghosts
are easy to make and delicious for all those chocolate loving kids out there. For a healthier version, instead of chocolate coating, just stick plain chocolate chips on the bananas to act as the ghost eyes!

Skeleton cupcakes

This is the perfect recipe
for this Halloween if you want to have a humerus-ly spooky time! These cupcakes are easy and fun to make (and eat).

Individual spooky white pizzas

If you’re having a Halloween party for your kid and his/her friends, this is a great snack to make for all of them!

Mummy toast

mummy toas
Here’s a healthier, candy free snack your child will enjoy. By the time they’re done eating, they’ll love their mummy (or daddy) even more!

Spider crackers


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This is an extremely easy recipe that your child can make and assemble by themselves and even take to school as a snack. It’ll have them crawling with joy!

Cheesy witch brooms

Here’s a fun and healthy snack that only requires 3 ingredients!

Clementine pumpkins

This is another unique twist
to a normal everyday snack that will make your kid want to eat fruits! I guess you could say, they’ll be pump(kin)ed to eat more!

Apple monster

apple monster small
If you don’t want your kids to be munching on sweets too much this Halloween, say goodbye to the Cookie Monster and say hello to the Apple Monster! This is an easy and healthy recipe perfect for this spooky day.

Vegetable skeleton

veggie skeleton
Uh-oh, there’s a skeleton in your kitchen! Tell your kids to hurry and eat it up before it eats you! And, at least it’s healthy.

Cucumber monster


This is a perfect way for your children to get creative this Halloween by designing their own cucumber monsters! Here’s another healthy and fun way for your kids to cut down on the candy this year.

Bloody band-aids

band aids
Cover up that vampire bite this Halloween with a Bloody (delicious) Band-Aid! With only three ingredients, this recipe will patch your children right up after a dangerous night of Trick-or-Treating.

Pumpkin veggie tray

pumpkin veggie tray
I think we all know by now that kids will eat anything if it’s arranged in a fun and creative way, so why not try out this Pumpkin Veggie Tray?

Ghost cakes

ghost cakes
Here’s a boo-rific Halloween recipe that you and your kids will love to make!

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