8 Fun Ways to Make Your Home More Kid-Friendly: Your Kids Are Going To Love Coming Back Home

Here we suggest 8 super-fun ways to make your home kid-friendly. Try them out. Your kids will love it.

Here we suggest 8 super-fun ways to make your home kid-friendly. Try them out. Your kids will love it.

With kids in the house, the decors in the house needs some re-doing. Here we suggest 8 fun ways to re-do your house, and we assure that your kids will love it.

Vanity turned into an Art Station

Thinking about getting a new vanity table and don’t want to throw away your old one? Well now you can turn this into a creative station for your child to unleash his/her imagination in a neat and organised location.

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Here’s how you can do it

Make Cleaning Fun

That’s right, fun. Cleaning is a massive headache, but with the help of your kids, it can be enjoyable for everyone! And no, I don’t mean the cleanup song. But try hiding clues in your child’s room, where they can only put the puzzle together after successfully cleaning their room!

Buying themed cleaning supplies (i.e. Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc) can provide an opportunity for your kid to transform into a character from a different world, while cleaning like a superhero. Playing with your kids and making them enthusiastic about cleaning will definitely make things a lot easier for you.

Another way for kids to easily cleanup is to make designated toy bins, where they can put away their items after playing with it. If this doesn’t work as kids will be kids, have them use a laundry basket and go from room to room putting their toys inside.

Teaching them to be Independent

We all know that no matter how high we put some things, kids will find a way. Put some items at a reachable distance for kids, so that they don’t have to climb their way up and make a mess of your counters/shelves. Of course, you must approve of this beforehand. Giving them stools for their shelves and bathroom sinks will give them a sense of independence as they’ll be able to do and get what they need without any help.

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Indoor Swings

These are usually a norm in India, and for good reason! Put up swings in your home so that they can read a book or watch TV with the convenience of swinging back and forth and getting dizzy while they’re at it. This is one of the more kid-beneficial ideas, but it’ll make them really happy! What could be better than a happy child?

Put up their Artwork

Displaying the creations they make will give them inspiration and motivation to do more. When I was a child, displaying my artwork was something my mother did a lot, framing it as well. This can invite more creativity to your child as they’ll want to continue and perhaps even create an art portfolio! Let them colour outside the lines and explore their horizons. You can even incorporate their artwork into the other paintings you have in your house, making an art wall that is modern and playful.

Mailbox for Kids

Using an old mailbox or even a bin, you can give your children their own mailboxes! Inside these you can put in letters, treats, work they should do, etc. This is a fantastic way for your kids to feel more responsible. Place this mailbox outside their rooms and watch the fun begin!

Here’s how you can do it

Personalized Bookcases

This is a more ambitious idea, as it would take time. But, if your child is a bookworm, incorporating their name into a bookshelf may be the best thing that’s ever happened to them. They’ll feel immense pride in showing their friends their bookshelf, maybe even more than the books that inhabit it.

Paint wood letters, as many as you require, and add slabs of wood for the shelf itself after each letter.

Here’s what it should/could look like

Magnetic Cups

If you have lots of kids at home, you must know the pain of having to clean up the cups they leave everywhere. Now, with magnetic cups, your kids can put their own designated cup on the refrigerator and use it when they need. Add names onto the cups to make it even better!

Here’s how you can do it

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