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Fare free bus travel for women
Fare Free Bus Travel For Women Policy Great For Women’s Workforce & Social Participation

Mobility of women in India is restricted for a host of social and economic reasons. Fare free bus travel will, therefore, lead to economic, emotional, social and health benefits for women.

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Women Are Expected To Hold Their Pee ‘Coz No Toilets, But Men Will Be Men!

Men urinate in the open without concern for hygiene or public judgment; in sharp contrast, women risk urinary infections and eternally long lines to relieve themselves.

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Why Aren’t Public Spaces In India Designed To Make Life Easier Or Fun For Our Senior Citizens?

Our ideas about senior citizens are outdated. We have no concept of independent, outgoing seniors who might want to do things by themselves or enjoy life.

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The Hopeful Legacy Of Shaheen Bagh Is Of Women Reclaiming Their Space In Public

The anti-CAA-NRC movement was much more than just that. It was also women coming out and reclaiming their place in the world.

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Just Because She Was Out Late, Is It Ok To Shame Her Or Bump Her Off?

No one shows any interest in finding out who the actual perpetrator of the crime is. The ‘good girl’ code is reinforced. Moral policing happens even before the actual investigation starts.

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The Impossibility Of Just Strolling Through Delhi Streets As A Woman

Can a woman loiter in or saunter through streets of a city like Delhi? A look at applying the concept of flânerie to Indian women.

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