A Mother’s Plea For Justice; The Jishnu Case From Kerala Is Heart-Rending

In a shocking incident which took place recently in Kerala, a mother was pushed down and dragged along the road before being boarded into a police van. Her crime? She was seeking justice for her son's death.

In a shocking incident which took place recently in Kerala, a mother was pushed down and dragged along the road before being boarded into a police van. Her crime? She was seeking justice for her son’s death.

Mahija’s son, Vishnu, who was an engineering college student had committed suicide due to some harassment by college authorities as per the findings.

Uniform clad women and men dragged this mother along the road before pushing her into a police van – a really cruel act by police authorities. It was a pathetic scene where all TV channels were showing live with cameras all around, that officials were dragging this mother along the road. Has our society become so cruel as to force such a thing on a mother who was pleading only for justice for her son’s death?

The people accused of abetting his death were still not arrested nor any proceedings undertaken to catch them. The mother waited for 3 months in the hope that she would get justice but the case was not progressing even after many surprising findings against the college authorities emerged. As it is rightly said, justice delayed is justice denied.

The mother who complained with facts and truth is being harassed instead of being protected. Do ordinary women not have the right to complain or are their cases not to be given due importance? Is justice meant only for rich and influential people and not for the poor and especially, not for the tears and pain of a mother?

Jishnu’s mother had arrived at the DGP’s office at police headquarters to start a hunger strike until the culprits are arrested or any action against them was taken. Her only aim was to protest peacefully against the delay in justice but for this, she was arrested in such an inhuman way. This is an injustice done to a woman which cannot be justified with any explanations. Laws should be enforced against all, not only the poor and weak who cannot fight but also against the elite and influential classes who are protecting the culprits behind the issue. The officials who should be protecting such a woman are harassing and abusing her like a criminal without catching the actual culprits. Do we need to go on strike or protests to get real justice nowadays? Is this the plight of commoners, to be arrested for complaining about their genuine issues?

I hope that this mother’s tears and prayers are answered and she gets justice at the earliest and that the real culprits are put behind bars. A mother’s plea for justice will surely find its way with rightful action. Truth will win ultimately even though it may involve much turmoil in the beginning.

Top image is a screenshot from Mahija’s interview with Asianet

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