We Need To Do Something About The Misogyny In Movies Causing Violence Against Women Now!

Misogyny in movies, to a large extent contributes to violence against women while also glorifying men on such acts.

Misogyny in movies, to a large extent contributes to violence against women while also glorifying men on such acts.

Recently, an actor was molested by her driver. Despite this horrific incident, she showed great professionalism when she came to the set of her ongoing movie after a few days. It must have taken immense courage on her part to do this, in a society that condones misogyny in movies as well as in real life, and is very likely to stigmatise her.

As a result of this, when actors today have no qualms doing any type of characters irrespective of the social values they portray on screen, a leading actor (Prithvi Raj) from the South film industry pledged that he would give up misogyny in movies he acted in, stating that he would not act in any scenes that disrespect women on screen.

This is a very affirmative move from an actor and for the first time he is setting an example to others. He has also apologised for the misogynistic dialogues in his previous films and also confirmed that he would never again act in any scenes where he require to insult a woman. Hats off for this bold decision which can have a great impact as it reaches his fans, who would certainly think about their own attitudes towards women.

This is the first time an actor takes this audacious step towards removing the misogyny in movies, and who apologised for his previous acts. He also promised that he would never again be a part of film which celebrates misogyny.

This shows that even an actor felt that misogyny in movies is shaping the social culture where such acts are not condemned. People try to follow what they see on screen forgetting that it is only a performance. This affects all types of viewers – be they educated or uneducated, in rural or urban areas – and its effects are cascading. They imbibe this in their real life where actual violence starts.

Giving up misogyny in movies by more actors like this example can help to shape a respectful and accountable society where women are not belittled on screen as well as off screen. Hope we have more of actors and scripts that do not belittle any gender.

Viciousness can be brought down to some extend with this move. The wrong representation of women in movies inspires people to imitate the same thing in real life and this creates lots of concerns. Violence can be curtailed if such scenes are not shown in movies and ads, as visual illustration always remains in the mind of audience; bad things stays more than positive things in films. Some scenes/actors get claps from audiences for overuse of wilful misogynistic dialogues and songs, which contribute to the growth of an ethos which encourages further misogyny and violence all around.

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Just a quote I saw recently truly speaks of ill-effects of scenes shown on screens.

“Today the data linking violence in the media to violence in society are superior to those linking cancer and tobacco”. — David Grossman

Let’s us be optimistic about the future and hope that days will come where more celebs will restrain from signing up for portraying misogyny in movies.

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