“Women No More Safe Still In This Era”

Rising crimes against women point to the disparities in women's representation within government bodies and decision-making processes. 

Rising crimes against women point to the disparities in women’s representation within government bodies and decision-making processes. 

“We need women at all levels, including the top, to change the dynamic, reshape the conversation, to make sure women’s voices are heard and heeded, not overlooked and ignored.”-Sheryl Sandberg

When I see news channels in the morning, my heart just weeps and gets terrified on seeing the type of atrocities that is being committed on women nowadays in this era of high technological advancement and modernization. Still the thinking of certain mental fanatics hasn’t changed.

Increase in violence against women

The rape of  a 75-year old women in Kerala followed by the accused stabbing the victim is one of  the most recent incident on news. The victim is battling for her life in hospital. Secondly, in another gruesome incident a 12-year-old girl, allegedly gang raped and  badly mutilated. She was playing outside her house when someone took her away. Not going into minute details which is again very depressing.

Have we become stone-minded and cold? Both the above cases were those who required protection and care from society but what did our cruel society do instead?

As long as the public remains silent and thinks that someone will take care, such incidents will happen without a halt. Why is that we are not caring for the next door daughter or mother? Criminals are growing day by day because they are not at all afraid of legal punishment as it takes time and are also not scared of society as they know society doesn’t care as long as it is not from own home.

“Change” is need of the hour

Humanity and kindness seems lost these days. Women and children, aged three or eighty are not spared. Who do we trust in this world now?  It is the duty of each and every one as a responsible citizen to be vigilant and raise our voices against such brutalities , push the government to take stern steps so that such mental maniacs will get petrified and would think twice before committing any crime. Safety of women has become a major issue in India now.

To highlight women’s voices loud and clear, women representation in parliament needs a scenario  change. The gloomy picture of women’s participation at the highest level of decision-making within the government should ring alarm bells among all.

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Can the country rise above the deep-rooted patriarchy mindset and ensure that political decision-making is not merely a one sided business and that everyone should be given equal opportunities? Anyways it is high time, we be alert and speak up against the criminals freely roaming destroying lives. Today it might have happened in another city, another home but tomorrow it can happen in our city and in our homes before it is too late.

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