Malayali Actor Sanusha’s Molestation Shows Women’s Safety Is Sadly Lacking Even In Progressive Indian States

The recent molestation of Malayali actress Sanusha shows women aren't safe even in progressive Indian states and how public outrage is still sadly lacking.

The recent molestation of Malayali actor Sanusha shows women aren’t safe even in progressive Indian states and that public outrage – is still sadly lacking.

“History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamour of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people.”

~Martin Luther King, Jr.

This is regarding the recent molestation of the Malayali actress, Sanusha on a train in Kerala while she was travelling from her hometown.

On identifying the culprit and asking for help from her co- travelers, only two people came forward to her rescue, while the rest didn’t even react or respond to the issue. This is more of a shock as it is coming from Kerala, a state where people boast of their high education, culture, and active contribution in the social arena.

Boasting about high literacy rate and great facilities seem to fade, if the women in the state are not safe and when people witnessing such situations don’t come forward to help a woman in distress.

It is a shame that women are still not safe in ‘God’s own country’ and that most people are also not proactive in addressing the real issues that are afflicting today’s society. In this incident, when the actress yelled, the accused was allegedly requesting her to not make a scene! Even the women co-passengers didn’t try to help the actress.

In a courageous move, Sanusha herself went forward to lodge a complaint and take matters to court.

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Due to this incident, Sanusha also said that she has lost her faith in the society. She further added that these days people only comment and criticize on social media platforms instead of protesting a wrongdoing in real life.

Only commenting and criticizing on Facebook or Twitter is not enough if we cannot act in real situations.

Due to the lack of a stricter law regarding cases like molestation, criminals easily escape after committing such crimes.

What would have been the case if she was not a celebrity?

Why do women have to fear while travelling alone or while availing public transportations?

Why we need to think twice if we have to travel alone?

We really need to have a society where every woman can travel around freely without any fear in her mind.

Let us not be blind towards such crimes that are frequently happening around us. Let us be attentive and fight together to uproot the evil from our society. Only we have the power to bring about a positive transformation.

Image Source: Actress Sanusha’s image is taken from YouTube

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