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Thinking Of “Log Kya Kahenge”? Is This The Mantra By Which You Are Going To Live?

Posted: February 11, 2017

Our lives are always revolving around the thinking of log kya kahenge – what other people think of us. Is this really necessary or important?

Each and everything we do is based on this thinking. We are habituated to this and we don’t do a single thing without this speculation. From the day we are born; we hear this from our parents and elders. This, of course has both positive and negative influences on us; especially for women this is more relevant as our society has set some barricades for us which as per our so called society we should not break this walls.

As long as we try to achieve higher goals, for improving of self or society, we need to keep aside the thought of what people might think or how society will accept a particular thing. Girls often hear this while growing up from people around; that we shouldn’t be doing a certain thing as a girl – which is really illogical and unreasonable. We don’t have to care about society as long as we are on a right track in our life.

Whatever we do, there will be always be a good and bad opinion however authentic and sincere we are in our journey. Some people have the habit of always complaining or criticizing, no matter whatever we do, so this is where we need to avoid such anxiety of what other people think of us.

Even if we buy a home or go for marriage proposal, it is seen that people don’t choose according to their wish. Rather, they do things for showing off to people or society. It is this fear that has actually destroyed many dreams and ambitions.

We really have to learn to live for ourselves than to abide by the stringent boundaries set by society or people.

Some stay in an abusive relationship for years without opting for divorce or complaining, due to this fear of society and the disapproval of people which they are afraid to face. Some never complain of any violence that they suffer, due to this fear of society as a whole.

We need to change this attitude. No one is going to be thinking of us more than ourselves. We will not be able achieve our goals or attain self-satisfaction if we try to entertain everyone.

We cannot please everybody and live a fruitful life. This world has more of those who discourage. We will be judged for whatever we do, so never get bogged down by any criticism, but use any constructive feedback to improve ourselves.

Trust your gut instinct and move forward in the journey of life by being optimistic in whatever you do!

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