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Being A Woman!

Posted: December 14, 2018

“Sometimes being a woman seems to be a boon, and sometimes seems to be a sin”- Poetry which narrates what being a woman entails!

Being a Woman- a boon or a sin,
Right from childhood to old age,
Trained to behave appropriately,
Whatsoever the circumstances demand.


Can’t afford to lose maturity,
Society dictates rules upon us,
What to wear, how to walk, whom to talk,
What not to follow, what to study, the list goes on!


Still the harassment continues in the midst of rules,
Some work like a robot supporting others 24/7,
But not taking care of self.
Showering unconditional love,
Expecting nothing in return except love and care from others,
But that too difficult at times,
As people fail to reciprocate in same wavelength.


Life of a woman is like a candle itself,
Candle lit by parents, slowly diminishes with age,
Burning within providing light everywhere.
Suffering everything silently,
Taught from childhood to make others content.
Overlooking oneself.
Sometimes the flame flickers at times of difficulties,
And then the wick goes further down and down,
With passing age, nourishing others.
Finally, at the end, smoke from the wick comes out.


When our soul gets released leaving behind,
What we wriggled and erected all along;
Born to struggle and care for others,
It seems selfish at times when you care for yourself.
Journey of life teaches her a lot more than her parents,
Faces of deceit, treachery, mockery, villainy
Comes face to face.


Being bold and courageous helps,
Never losing hope, she marches forward.
Sometimes being a woman seems to be a boon,
and sometimes seems to be a sin!

Image Source: Pixabay

A poet by heart, she is keen on social issues concerning women, children, nature lover

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