The Currency Of Lust, And Sublimated Love

The constant friction of our bodies and mind produced the heat that the two melted at once, flowed off our bodies; white and fragrant. A wave of laughter with a hug, my eyes sparkled.

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Leave Me Alone; I Refuse To Be Your Agony Aunt

A relationship should be based on mutual give and take. It becomes toxic when it is a one way street, with one person bearing all the emotional labour for both.

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Why Being Radha Is Not The Same As Being Any Other Goddess In Our Mythologies

What do we know of Radha, her emotions, her thoughts, her convictions as a woman? Tripti Sharan's Being Radha addresses some of these questions.

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“I Am Convinced That What I Seek Is Intimacy, But What I Get Is Sex”

Are love and lust interchangeable? Is intimacy the same as sex? What is it that you seek? Is it love or is it intimacy?

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‘The Good Girl’ – Tethered To Rules & Expectations

From the day a girl is born, she has several impositions put on her- right from how she talks to whom she talks to. Isn't it time we taught our girls to rebel?

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Of New Beginnings, Of Breaking Shackles, And Of Mothers And Daughters

‘What is it Amma?’ the child asked in wide-eyed innocence. The mother smiled, ‘Just another day,’ And like a hopeful bubble, she flew, and gently floated.

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