When December Comes, She Will Go Home

A poem around the recent floods of Assam and Bihar - with a story from another devastating disaster, the 2018 Kerala flood. 

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Another Cinderella Story – Don’t Stay Too Late At Work

Cinderella met her prince after she left the party at 12 but what happens when an intern is forced to stay till 12 in the office and listen to lewd jokes?

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A Reconciliation… Between My Home And Me

Women are expected to have excellent housekeeping skills, and to want to keep a spic-n-span home. But not all women are domestic goddesses, and would like to spend the time on other things...

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Let’s Talk About Periods, Why Feel Awkward?

Let's talk about periods, says the author, because why should anyone feel awkward about buying a pad? Bleeding is normal, and people better get used to talking about it!

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Step Out My Love, Because The World Needs One More Rebel!

"Where was inequality," thought the author, when she hadn't yet looked around her. But then she did, and now she asks others to "step out my love, because the world needs one more rebel!"

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The Inner Thoughts Of A ‘Housewife’, The Perfect Sycophant

The story of an ordinary Indian housewife, whose wishes are considered 'naturally' secondary to that of her husband, looking from afar at a happy, 'free' woman.

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