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Asfiya Rahman

Asfiya Rahman, a management graduate, is a teacher by occupation and a writer by inclination. She has published many short stories in different publications and is the author of the sports drama trilogy Wild, Wild Card 2 and Wild Card 3, never say never She is an avid reader and loves to travel.

Voice of Asfiya Rahman

Why Men Believe In Magic; Like Their Mess Gets Cleaned Up Magically…

They feel hungry, food materializes magically. They don’t have to cook. They never do laundry and yet clothes appear clean and ironed in their cupboard; of course magic exists!

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All My Life I’ve Received Gujiyas For Holi From My Neighbours… It All Changed In 2021

Thanks to COVID now we stop and think before popping over even to a close friend’s house. We stop and think before sending over food.

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financial literacy
Ladies, If You Can Handle Parents, In-laws & Kids, Financial Literacy Is A Piece Of Cake!

Women think understanding financial matters is difficult. Financial literacy is simply the knowledge required to make imp financial decisions!

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Agent Carter
Marvel’s Badass Agent Carter Is So Much More Than Just Captain America’s Love Interest

Agent Carter can often be seen knocking out the villains with a murderous punch or kick. She is quick on her feet, has nerves of steel, and is never flustered no matter what the situation.

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The Privilege Of A Father Who Scandalised Relatives With His ‘Permissiveness’

We are 3 sisters, and our father brought us all up to be independent and capable of making our own decisions. Never were we forced into anything.

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Ladies, Don’t Be Afraid To Stand Up For Yourself And Rock The Boat Occasionally To Get Your Due!

Take immense pride in what you do. Be vocal about what you do and be unashamed to promote it. Don’t sell your dreams short.

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After Leaving Me In A Haze For 3 Years, My Depression Taught Me Some Important Lessons

The three year phase in my life when I was severely depressed left me drained and in a haze but it also taught me a few important lessons!

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It’s Getting A Little Lonely For Us Superwomen, Can The Supermen Step Up?

It’s time to teach our boys how to live with strong and independent women. Girls are breaking gender-stereotypes and now it's time we teach boys the same.

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