Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day!

The words bring to mind roses, champagne and young love; romantic couples walking hand in hand and enjoying each other’s company, whispering sweet nothings to each other.

But the idea I had of Valentine’s Day as a child was very different. I should start by saying that the only reason I even knew about Valentine’s Day as a child was that the principal of my school was an American.

February, for us, meant that all art periods would go into making Valentines. Each student had to make at least 2 valentines; one for our parents and one for a classmate. We could make more but two was the minimum; most of us would try to make them for all our close friends.

For two weeks we would spend every art period cutting out hearts from pink and red chart paper. We would use our common art supplies to make our valentines as special as possible. We would try and hide what we were doing from our classmates so that our valentines would be more special. I remember one time a classmate got some lace from home and used that to decorate her cards. Well once we knew about it every parent had their child begging for fancy lace for school!

A big box was kept on the class teacher’s desk and we would pop our valentines in it as and when we finished them. On Valentine’s Day, it would be opened and all the cards distributed. The popular kids got more than others of course but I can’t remember any kid being left out.

It was a simpler time. The hearts we gave each other had Happy Valentine’s Day written on them, They were decorated with glitter and drawings and whatever we could manage. Valentine’s Day was about showing the people in your life how much you cared for them. It was about loving your parents, your friends and yes maybe someone special but Valentine’s Day was about all kinds of love.

Today, when I see the build-up to Valentine’s Day with Rose Day, Chocolate Day, Propose Day and whatnot I feel sad.

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I feel sad because this is one more sweet and wonderful occasion that has become so commercialized that it has lost its essence.

Valentine’s Day is now only about couples. It is about being showy and ostentatious….the bigger the better.

But love …love comes from the heart and it doesn’t always need roses and chocolates or the latest deal. What it does need is trust and honesty…and occasionally an acknowledgment doesn’t hurt.

So here’s wishing everyone a happy Valentine’s Day. May your loved ones always be close to you and may you always be surrounded by happiness.


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