A secret feminist

My husband is a feminist…. but don’t tell anyone because it’s a secret. In fact, it is such a secret that I think even he doesn’t know it!

He thinks that women can do everything that men can maybe even more and definitely much better.

There isn’t a thing the man doesn’t think I can’t do. It’s really flattering I guess…except for the fact that it’s a little annoying.

I end up having to handle everything along with all the housework and my professional commitments as well.

If there’s a form to be filled, he calls out for me.

If there’s a bill to be paid or reservations to be made; it’s my name on his lips.

If he gets lost in the tiny alcove we call a kitchen while looking for a glass for himself, guess who he calls out to?

And ever since he’s learned how to make tea for himself, he has started thinking he’s going to be shortlisted for some kind of gallantry award. I mean can you imagine; here is a man who holds a corporate job AND can make tea for himself! Surely that deserves some kind of recognition; after all, he’s not a woman who is born with multitasking skills!

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And it’s not just for himself; guess who ends up having to book the tickets when he large-heartedly tells his cousins he will take care of everything.

His excuse for dumping everything on me is that it’s too difficult to handle. I make it look easy because I’m a superwoman. This by the way comes from the guy who handles business worth 20 crores.

And it’s not like I mind but I do draw the line at physical work. What, pray, is the point of marrying a man who is 6 feet 2 inches if I have to climb on a chair to take out suitcases from the loft?

But no the husband is sure… “if I can do it so can you. Just stand straight and stretch your arms”…never mind the 10-inch difference in height!

If something heavy needs to be lifted…” put your back in it and lift with your legs.”

We’ve reached the situation where I often tell him that men can achieve a lot of things too…if I can cook a meal in the kitchen…so can you.

After all a superwoman would only marry a superman, wouldn’t she?

And honestly, that’s the only secret identity I’m willing to put up with.


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