Why Men Believe In Magic; Like Their Mess Gets Cleaned Up Magically…

They feel hungry, food materializes magically. They don’t have to cook. They never do laundry and yet clothes appear clean and ironed in their cupboard; of course magic exists!

Ask anyone and they will tell you that women have magical abilities. They can make you feel better with one look and yet with another they can make you feel less than a worm. They can make things out of nothing and make nothing out of a big deal and yet nearly all the famous magicians are all male. Have you ever wondered why?

It’s very simple actually. Men believe in magic …women not so much. Let me explain.

The food that appears on the table, laundry done…

Men believe that things happen magically, that if you want something badly it will just happen and there is a reason for this. Most things in their life happen magically.

They feel hungry, food materializes magically. They don’t have to cook. They never do laundry and yet clothes appear clean and ironed in their cupboard; of course magic exists!

Women on the other hand know all the hard work that goes into making the magic; that the only reason clothes appear magically clean when you drop them on the floor is because someone picks them up, sorts them, empties out the pockets , washes them, irons them and keeps them in the cupboard. They know that even the smallest task hides a wealth of preparation.

When men say they “help” at home

I can hear many men scoffing, saying that they “help out” but how much of this is real help?

Like when the man of the house decides to cook and this involves the wife chopping the vegetables and the kids running around for other assortments while the man does the ‘cooking’ and after the food is cooked he walks off. The kitchen slab meanwhile is covered with debris, all the spices have been taken out and left wherever they were used, and the kitchen sink is full of dirty dishes.

Guess who is going to magically clean up this mess while the chef rests after accepting accolades for the “grueling task” he just completed?

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And men can pretty much do what they want – magic only!

Men believe in magic because society tells them that they can achieve whatever they want, nothing is impossible. Women know that every magic trick involves a lot of preparation and planning, it involves endless rehearsals, it involves misdirection and honestly we get so much of all this in life that magic tricks seem passé.

You want a real magic trick? Make a meal for 10 guests who have just turned up without prior warning and expect you to entertain them while magically dishing out a meal that meets all their peculiar dietary requirements and yet is fit for the kings… and all this with a smile on your face.

No ordering in of course; all hand made. And to add insult to injury you have to insist on their eating with you as a personal favor. Now the day a man does that, he will now what real magic is like!

Image source: a still from Cutting Chai/ Modern Love Mumbai

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