On International Women’s Day. it’s time to ask if we’ve really taken enough steps ahead. Read some thought-provoking pieces here!
gender roles
About Time The Boys Do Their Share Of Housework; It’s NOT Just The Job Of Girls!

The notion of 'men work hard outdoors' still exists. A man of today will not survive a day in the kitchen, an hour watching kids, a minute with menstruation or a second of labour pain.

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I’m A Graduate And She’s Aiming For A PhD… My Friends Will Laugh If I Marry Her!

She wondered how she had managed to lose herself amidst all the riches and luxury. She was bound in a walled garden, with a husband who loved her, as long as she stayed a few steps behind him in all walks of life.

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A Day In My ‘Dream Life’- The Experience of A Newly-Married Desi Bahu

Why is it considered 'entirely normal' for the new daughter-in-law of a home to be loaded with all the chores?

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Why Do Men Hate Doing Domestic Chores Even When Their Wives Are Overburdened?

Men feeling their egos are challenged. Mothers feeling their precious sons should not be imposed upon. Result - men won't do household chores.

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Each Time I Lost A Little Bit More Of My Self…

Every time I listened to what 'they' told me, I lost a little more of my true self.

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Will This SC Ruling Be A Stepping Stone To Indians Valuing Women’s Work In The Home?

This recent ruling by the Supreme Court of India trashes the stereotypical notion that says "housewives don't do anything" - husbands please note.

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