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gender roles
Dear Men, We Know It’s Really, Really Difficult…

Men often face jeering or even anger from family, friends, society - when they share women's chores and support them in their fight for feminism. But isn't it worth it?

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If You Were Alexa No One Will Buy You Daddy, Because You Never Listen

"Because daddy, mummy keeps repeating things when she talks to you and you keep asking what. If you are Alexa, nobody will buy you."

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Dear Deepika, Your Words Belittle Both – Homemakers And Women Who Work Outside Home

Always in the spotlight when a movie is releasing, this time Deepika glorifies the 'dutiful wife' playing second fiddle to an achiever husband, at the promotions of Ranveer's new movie '83. #Facepalm

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Let Us Empower Our Men Today, At Managing House Work, Raising Kids, And All Such ‘Women’s Tasks’

There's no such thing as 'women's work' or 'men's work'. Running a home and raising kids is teamwork, and the only way to a gender neutral society in the future.

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Makers Of Barbie Introduce Gender Neutral Dolls – The ‘Creatable World Doll’ Is A Great Example Of Inclusion
gender neutral dolls by Mattel

The company which produces the famous Barbie has introduced a new range of gender neutral dolls. While this may be a purely capitalistic move, it is still a move in the right direction.

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What If One’s Husband Is A Cook Par Excellence, Able To Whip Up A Feast On His Own?

A husband able to cook well is a blessing. And whom do we thank? His mother, of course, who was so farsighted on your account!

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