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gender roles
The Indian Man’s Guide For Picking The Perfect ‘Girl’ To Take Home To Mummy

That is the image of a woman that they are comfortable with, like their mother cooking in kitchen, keeping the household clean, doing the laundry, and so on.

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Dear Husbands, If You Take Better Responsibility At Home, No Wife Will Need To ‘Nag’!

Interestingly, when a man asks a woman to do something for him, it's called a 'request' but if she reminds him of a chore not done it's 'nagging'!

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Shah Rukh Khan Is The Best Part Of DDLJ, Playing A Cis Het Man Raj With Grace & Humanity

He's very uncomfortable with the boorish, rifle-toting, Patiala-peg swigging alpha male played by Parmeet Sethi or the grumpy sanskaari patriarch Amrish Puri.

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It’s His Child Too; Should I Give My Spouse A Medal For Simply Doing His Work As A Partner & Father?

Of course I am grateful for him being this supportive, but shouldn’t it be pretty normal? Gender equal parenting is so underrated in our country. It’s his daughter too.

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Our Parents Wrongly Taught Us That Men Are Entitled To Be Served By Women In The Family!

It never occurred to my parents that it was wrong on my brother's part to expect me to be his maid. They only saw my refusal to slave away as 'rebellion' and a 'lack of discipline'.

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‘Where Have You Been, Nisha? Don’t You Know My Parents Are Coming For Dinner?’

Rohan glanced at her moodily. “That was Dad. He read your interview. He wanted me to tell you not to get carried away. He reiterated that real men do not cook and clean.”

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