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7 Reasons Why Homemaker Dads Are The Best Solution To Most Couples’ Childcare Issues

Many moms quit after having a child, putting their careers in jeopardy just when at the peak. All we need to solve this issue are homemaker dads. Curious? Read on.

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Ariel Does It Again! New Ad Gets Us Talking On How We Raise Daughters & Sons

From a young age, girls are called upon to serve people, and help mom in the kitchen while boys are mostly asked when something has to be purchased from outside. The new Ariel ad makes us examine such differences.

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We Teach Our Girls To Be Independent, But Do We Teach Our Boys To Do Housework?

It’s just not enough to teach a girl that she is equal when compared to her friend who is a boy. The boy needs to be taught too that he is not superior to the girls in his class or at home. I was at the office water cooler one day, just filling my bottle, […]

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My Retired Dad, The Unexpected & Enthusiastic Masterchef, Is An Inspiration

My dad has taken to the kitchen after his retirement, something that surprised me initially as unlike that I've seen in any men, but I love these winds of change!

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My Husband And I Tried To Break A Gender Stereotype By Cooking Together In A TV Show

As an organic farmer, I was called to participate in a cookery show on Zee5, along with my husband. I hope we broke some gender stereotypes by cooking together.

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Desi Boys Need To Learn More About Household Chores. Isi Mein Samajhdaari Hain!

Family, society, advertisements, popular media, all underline that household chores are 'women's work'. Someone needs to break this vicious cycle!

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