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gender roles
Your Son-In-Law Helping At Home Is Progressive, But Your Son Helping His Wife Is Henpecked?

Normalise your son doing chores at home as a step towards a gender equal generation instead of making him an entitled Raja Beta! 

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Can You Imagine How Much We Can Achieve If Men Shared Kitchen Responsibilities?

If you enjoy cooking, good for you. But for women who don't, to have cook three meals a day, day in and day out, all of their lives is nothing more than torture.

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It’s Not ‘Just Cooking’; There’s Massive Emotional Labour In Getting Food On The Table

Traditionally the kitchen is women's responsibility, which includes emotional and physical labour, but they do not have an equal right to the eating of this food.

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Best Way To Encourage Your Husband Or Son To Learn Cooking? Be The Occasional Cook!

She continued in her hoity-toity playful style, "I mean which moron claimed; the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Such hare-brained ideology. As if we women were born without one? Huh!"

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How To Raise Well-Rounded Children: I Say No To Gender-Based Parenting
Boy lying on grass

Why do we parent our boys and girls differently? Teach them both empathy, responsibility and care, and raise well-rounded individuals.

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It’s Time We Stop Celebrating Men Doing The Most Basic Work For Their Families!
Dad carrying son on his shoulders

Normalise a man doing his duties as a dad/husband. Or at the very least, go nuts over a woman mothering her own child! Only fair, isn't it? 

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