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gender roles
Embracing Change: Redefining the Modern Family
Let’s Embrace Change By Becoming The Role Model Our Kids Need!

Normalizing subjects that are “not the norm” have a positive role in the cerebral growth of kids. Let's celebrate this diversity of families!

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Weaponised Incompetence Is When Men Get Away With Sloppy Or No Work At Home
weaponised incompetence

While it is hard to tell whether a person is being deliberately manipulative or not, it is safe to assume that if a person refuses to improve with time, it is a case of weaponised incompetence.

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Why Is It Always A Mother’s Job?

She cried her frustration out, to find an outlet for all her exhaustion and anxiety. She texted her husband trying to make him understand.

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The Diplomat On Netflix: How I Saw A Violent Parallel In My Own Abusive Married Life!
The Diplomat

Without this man, my career would not have looked the way it does now. But the thing is, the good things did not happen in a healthy space. He had a hidden agenda which took a huge toll of my energy and mental health.

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A Mother Is Not The MAHAN Multitasking Superwoman Of WhatsApp Forwards!

These WhatsApp forwards either glorify the 'sacrifice and multitasking' of mother, or the 'silent struggles' of the father! STOP!

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If He Won’t Take Care Of Himself You Should Do It As His Wife!

There’s nothing wrong as such, to be entrusted with the responsibility of your spouse’s good health. But never has any doctor or nurse or relative asked my husband to take care of mine despite my worse health problems!

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