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Kasturi Goswami

“Creativity is the living epitome of the most brilliant minds.” A Mechanical Engineer by degree, Kasturi Goswami is a freelance creative and content writer. She creates and manages content for her website Colourful In Grey. Besides reading and writing, she likes to spend her time listening to podcasts or watching documentaries on various genres. She is an avid fan of mangas and animes.

Voice of Kasturi Goswami

Tripping Over Hemp Fashion

The abyss of consumerism throttles individuals at the top of their fashion game to fall prey to fast fashion. Thus, indirectly contributing towards exhausting resources and production of synthetic alternatives which wound our environment. 

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ankahi kahaniya
In Netflix’s Ankahi Kahaniya I Was Impressed That Women Including ‘The Wife’ & ‘The Other Woman’ Were Portrayed Sensitively!

The anthology movie Ankahi Kahaniya has three love stories that speak volumes. I enjoyed watching them, especially for the main female characters!

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Concept Of Human Sexuality And Open-Mindedness In The Victorian Era

Who was Havelock Ellis and what did he quote on sexuality of a human being?

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Why We Must Celebrate Ada Lovelace, A Mathematical Genius Beyond Her Times

Long before man built a computer, Ada Lovelace's futuristic understanding of computing remained unappreciated and lost to the sands of time.

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Maa, Remember The Day When Daadi Told You Not To Go To Work Anymore?

When a woman is told to pack up her career for the sake of a child, she finds her mother's story all over again.

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The US Congress On 1971 Designated 26th Of August Of Each Year As Women’s Equality Day

The right to vote taken for granted today has a long history of struggle and sacrifice by women suffragettes idea of equality. 

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Inspired By The Magic Cube

Ernő Rubik, the inventor of the prototype of the Rubik’s cube was born on this very day, July 13th, 1944 in Budapest, Hungary.

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An Act Of Affection, When Does A Kiss Become Something To Fear?

6th July was International Kissing Day, but is a kiss everything it is made out to be? When does a kiss become something that inflicts trauma?

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You And Me, And The Love We Have Together

All they had asked for was a little acceptance of the same pure, unabashed love that society deemed wrong.

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