Master The Art Of Multitasking-Mom With These 8 Tips

Do you want to master the art of multitasking easily? Here are 8 simple strategies I use to optimize my time that might benefit you too.

Do you want to master the art of multitasking easily? Here are 8 simple strategies I use to optimize my time that might benefit you too.

Sticky notes strategy

I begin by jotting down tasks on sticky notes and placing them in specific areas around the house, like a grocery list on the fridge. This approach helps track items that need restocking without making separate trips and saves both time and money.


Condensing shopping trips saves on shipping costs and avoids queues. Limiting shopping to weekly or monthly visits curbs unnecessary spending and time wasted.

Additional Tips:

Shop during less crowded times to evade rush hours. Purchase seasonal items off-season for better deals and rates.

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Calendar-based diary

Using a diary to schedule events, from dental appointments to personal time, aids in managing and planning daily activities. This method creates patterns in behaviour, optimizing errands like shopping along the way.


Identifies behavioural patterns, optimizing time and errands. Streamlines activities, saving time for personal pursuits.

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Pro Tip:

Track hours to maximize efficiency. For instance, use salon time to catch up on other tasks simultaneously.

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Daily/weekly/monthly planner

Planners aren’t just about scheduling; they prompt action and deter procrastination by listing tasks. This active listing encourages productivity.

Analog watch over digital

Opting for an analog watch diminishes distractions caused by smartphones. Analog watches help visualize time as segments, aiding task completion.


Analog watches enable a visual representation of time, increasing task efficiency. Reduces time wasted due to phone distractions.

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Song playlists

Creating task-specific playlists assists in time optimization. Matching tasks to song lengths aids in task completion by the end of each track.


Choreography of tasks with song lengths ensures efficient task completion. Enhances the enjoyment of routine tasks.

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Self-rewards system

Implementing a reward system for task completion motivates and uplifts productivity.

Ideas for rewards:

Rewards can range from small treats like coffee or a book to quality time or activities.

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Competition with a partner

Creating a friendly competition with a partner spurs productivity and enhances teamwork.


Tasks are efficiently completed, maintaining a well-maintained home. Enhances engagement and productivity within the household.

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Two-week challenge

Setting short-term goals for two-week periods helps in achieving incremental targets effectively.


Breaking down goals into short periods makes them manageable and habit-forming. Aids in focusing on specific improvements without overwhelming oneself.

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These strategies are adaptable and customizable to individual needs. Efficient time management allows for the pursuit of hobbies, family time, and prioritizing health.

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