Attention, Young Ladies! Instead Of An Extravagant Wedding, Consider Investing In Your Future!

Please ensure there is sufficient investment in your future, marriage or not. Financial independence is the way to go. Always.

Dear brides-to-be,

As you embark on the journey of marriage, I urge you to reflect on a profound message. Many of my friends have fallen into a trap and are still grappling, uncertain about their life choices.

Initially, there will be confusion about career decisions. Should you pursue a master’s degree, a job in banking, or a government position?

Later, the struggle to find local employment, rather the relocating to cities becomes a challenge. Convincing parents, asserting your independence, managing finances, and making career choices add to the complexity.

Things can become harder after getting married – this is an unfortunate reality!

Once you decide to tie the knot, you may find yourself compelled to prioritize your husband’s needs, setting your own aspirations aside. This can burden your parents with loans and expenses, and you may seek work-from-home options or part-time jobs. And before you know it, half your life is consumed by motherhood.

With limited support from in-laws and an unsupportive husband, you may start feeling like a victim of circumstances, lamenting your fate.

Instead, make thoughtful career decisions:

  • Choose a degree or course that aligns with your skills.
  • Cultivate a diverse skill set.
  • Create multiple sources of income.
  • Prioritize your career and engage in open conversations with your fiancé about your choices.
  • Set strong expectations and boundaries with your parents, in-laws, and husband, ensuring their support and respect for your decisions.

Request financial investment in your future. Invest in properties, gold, or other means to secure your financial well-being. Make sure you have sufficient monthly allowances regardless of circumstances like relocation, maternity, or taking sabbatical leaves.

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I hope this article serves as an informative reminder. Choose your life wisely.

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