5 Simple Things (NOT Multitasking) You Can Do Every Day To Feel Like A ‘Superwoman’!

Wonder how some women are always on top of everything and seem to be superwomen? Let me share a secret. They're not, really, and you can feel like that too!

Wonder how some women are always on top of everything and seem to be superwomen? Let me share a secret. They’re not, really, and you can feel like that too!

Do you ever look at other women and wonder – how does she do it? Does she get a helping hand from outside or if she’s got some extra hidden hands? Is she burning the midnight oil or owns a magical clock that lends her some extra hours?

And then do you find yourself in self doubt after you start admiring a fellow woman? And do you think “Why can’t I?”

This phase comes sometimes early and sometimes late in one’s life, but we all have been there. So let’s figure out how some women stay fresh, motivated, always full of jazz and reinvigorated; and achieve almost everything on daily basis that some of us can only manage to put on the to-do list.

Plan the day ahead

That’s right. An unplanned day can be very easily wasted, leading to feeling unproductive and unsatisfied and feeling worthless.

The best way to do this

Before we go to sleep, we tend to check our phones in bed – browsing, chatting etc. We even browse till we fall asleep. So use this time to roughly list the things to be done the next day.

Make a checklist in Notes. Don’t try to make it perfect, just include everything you must do – groceries, household shopping, home chores and fixing stuff, cleaning a corner, laundry, appointments, sorting toys, stitching a torn t-shirt, breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, kids activities etc.

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Referring the to-do list next day will save you double or triple the time, as you will not have to think what’s next and you can easily sneak the small chores in between whenever you get time. Add in any tasks you did, that weren’t in the checklist that you made.

At the end of the day when you have even half of your work done, you’ll feel fulfilled.

Many times we do so many tiny tasks which go uncounted, hence we feel as if there’s not much that we did during the day, so having a list counts every bit you do (and not to show anybody but to feel good about yourself).


This needs no professional skills, we all have practised prioritising while growing up. What is more important to you, might seem less important or even an invalid task to others.

So take charge of your priorities  it’s you who has to set your priorities.

On some days your kids or your family comes first, other days your own health and body comes first. Prioritise yourself at some times. Only a happy and healthy woman can keep a happy home.

The best way to do this

Like I said, there are no guiding rules, it’s you who decides what’s more important. But an easy rule of thumb is to look at priorities is according to the time on hand, and importance.

What you feel is the most important task that needs your attention, goes to the top of the list. If there are a number of things that are equally important or unimportant but need to be finished – pick them one by one as your time allows.

The early bird catches the worm

Worms! And usually, a woman has to catch many for everyone else too.

Getting up early boosts you mentally and spiritually. Even if you don’t practice any meditation, the calm of dawn and the chirping birds lay a soothing effect on our souls without letting us know. Once everybody is up, there’s a bustle and your day begins to rush.

If you don’t want to get up too early, try to wake up just a little earlier than everybody else. Make a cuppa, sit idle, prepare snack boxes if you don’t want to sit just idle, take out school uniforms, office wear and bags now, rather than at the last minute. You’ll have added a little calm in everybody’s morning by doing just that bit. Kids won’t be panicking for their socks and that’s a lot of good that you can do yourself.

The best way to do this

Snug in early. If you are only scrolling your phone, do it in the bed instead of wasting time on the couch. Let your body cozy up while you browse and list up the next days tasks, and doze off as soon as you can. Aim to get a good sleep of 6 hours atleast).

Add something fascinating on your list to wake you up the next morning. If you like to run – buy new tanks; love to cook or bake- browse a quick breakfast/ cookies recipe and surprise everyone first thing in the morning; have OCD – find a messy corner and plan or sorting it out.

Find your interest and let it motivate you to wake up. Do it for a week or two, and your body will get used to waking up early, and if not, you will get used to feeling good.

Get excited about the day

This day is as great as your b’day, and it won’t come back either. So why let it go uncelebrated?

Women are hard working but super women are smart working. They do take breaks every now and then, without anyone noticing. Now what is a break? It’s not necessarily a quick nap, or a shopping therapy, or a weekend getaway; it’s in the now. When they get 10 minutes in between the tasks, they make sure they wind down and kick back.

The best way to do this

When work gets tiring, don’t let it become a burden. Take small breaks whenever possible. It could be a tea break, a dessert break or simply a sitting-down-and-breathing (in and out) break. Wind down, flutter your wings, and the next flight will be smoother.

No shame in asking for help

When we want to become the super woman, we assume we will now capable of doing it all alone; but a real super woman never shies away from asking for help. Showing a strong side all the time is not the only strength, sometimes asking to share the load and offering to share the load needs more strength than doing it alone.

The best way to do this 

Be open and share your concern about not being able to do a task alone. Assign the task to a family member / colleague and let them do it on their own. Even if you don’t get the end result as expected, sometimes the little help they offered relieves you from pressure and to focus on other things, and now you can do it with better attention.

Apart from this do everything wholeheartedly, spend quality time on doing whatever you want to achieve. Don’t let a feeling of failure or worthlessness or comparisons bring you close to self doubt.

Always remember, everybody is better than everybody else, and everybody is worse than everybody else. Everybody is becoming better, even the ‘SUPER’!

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