Anu Gogna Verma

Author - Kids are from Mercury (Available now @ Amazon) ~Anu Gogna is a copywriter, photographer and designer based in Singapore. Her passion is expression, which she communicates through writing and photography. Barely 6 years old, she got hold of the camera roll and washed the entire film in water. they didn't let it go by just calling her naughty, she was scolded; because back then there were no backups, and memories could get lost, only to stay in minds (like this one). As she was growing up, her father would give her the camera to click pictures. Perhaps she clicked the least shaky pics than any of her older siblings. As she was growing up, her interest in different art forms grew including theatre. Her hobbies were no stranger than any other kid from the block - copying sketches from books and role-playing teacher with imaginary students. As she was once gifted a collection of story books by her cousin, who mentioned he got her books because he knew she loved reading; it was only then on that she developed the interest in reading. Reading got her to study literature and college assignments got her into writing. Blank paper is her muse, and just the smell of coffee beans can lift up her mood any given time. Black is her favorite color; and monochrome, her inspiration to create the best out of the least.

Voice of Anu Gogna Verma

How to React Under Pressure – A Lesson From The Real Hero

In your life whenever there’s social, emotional, physical, mental, national pressure; think the best you can do to save a bigger interest

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A Vegetarian Mom’s Kid-Friendly Shanghai Trip: What To Eat, See & Do

Shanghai surprised the author with its friendliness, its warmth, its beautiful combination of heritage and modernity, and yes, with its surprising choices for vegetarians. 

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5 Simple Things (NOT Multitasking) You Can Do Every Day To Feel Like A ‘Superwoman’!

Wonder how some women are always on top of everything and seem to be superwomen? Let me share a secret. They're not, really, and you can feel like that too!

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