Winter Is Homecoming Season For Me…And That’s Why My Favourite

Winter for me is at its best when you can't see but sniff the frosting air, dewdrops on my lashes and brows, rubbing my hands and then holding endless cups of tea.

I have always felt and now experienced that living abroad is far convenient compared to life in India, although there are day to day struggles but at the end of the day it still is like resting in your cocoon. But comes Diwali and we start missing the festivities back “home”, and that’s when tickets are booked for December. After all, how long can one stay in a cocoon! It’s time to come out of our comfort zone and fly, fly back home.

Being in India is like showering in love, family extends to neighbours and even though the men may argue over petty issues in the morning, the ladies share sweets in their afternoon gossip. Last year when I visited my family I looked at these relationships from an outsider’s view. I told my mom that people in India fight over petty things, while in abroad nobody cares who the neighbour is; nobody bothers you. But that’s the ‘coldness’ abroad, nobody bothers. They may look naive, but relationships are at their best in India, they are formed and like a rope they are twisted and twisted more until they bring two families closer so they go back unrolling themselves. Life abroad is all about achieving a routine and sticking to it, while in India people like to be involved in other’s lives and live more than just a normal routine.

Now living in Singapore (with Summer all year around) going back home in December for me means enjoying fog and everything about fog. Winter for me is at its best when you can’t see but sniff the frosting air, dewdrops on my lashes and brows, rubbing my hands and then holding endless cups of tea, and oh! how can I forget wearing two pairs of socks to keep me warm. A few days of no sun and then eagerly waiting for the sun to show up, and when it shows up, sunbathing and eating outdoors till I’m lazy to sleep on that warm sunny floor. But what’s more exciting than all this? Butter, homemade white butter melting on hot ‘Aaloo Parantha’.

Just that is the difference – life abroad is a block of butter and no matter how much you try to get you can but only cut a cube; and life back home is like mom-made butter, it comes in no shape and corners to be cut – and life is sure better when you can scoop.  

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