8 Benefits Of Daily Journaling

Are curious about journaling and wonder why people partake in this activity? Here are 8 benefits of daily journaling!

Are curious about journaling and wonder why people partake in this activity? Here are 8 benefits of daily journaling!

There are times we feel beside ourselves. After a long, tiring day or a specifically harrowing event, exceptionally happy moments as well, we can feel a lot of intense emotions and may not always have the right outlet to express it.

Since smashing a wooden table, biting several people and loudly cursing in front of someone’s house are all illegal, I feel journaling is the next best option. Journaling means a lot of things, and people indulge in the activity differently.

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In its essence, the task is to is express yourself through writing or art on paper. I have found solace in journaling, and the world is a better place for it. I bring out my crayon box, pens and torn bits of newspaper and go to town.

Naturally, I must encourage you to do the same.

What are the benefits of daily journaling?

The ultimate goal is to process your feelings and pour it out on paper. In the form of writing, drawing, painting, scrapbooking or anything creative really.

Numerous scientific studies have proven the therapeutic effects of regular journaling, as mentioned below.

Benefits of daily journaling include achieving your goals

Especially when using a bullet journal, it becomes much easier to set reminders, make small-term objectives, set out future goals. It is easier to keep track of your progress this way, and many attest to reaching their goals faster.

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In can help in terms of physical health, mental wellbeing, academic and workplace goals. It puts into perspective how far you have come, thus encouraging you further.

Processing complicated emotions can be easier with daily journaling

Considered childish by many, it is scientifically evidenced that simple, pleasurable activities such as journaling can help alleviate mental distress. There is no standard as to what you should write or paint or scrapbook, as long as it makes you feel better.

Many people do something as simple as scribbling, doodling or painting random strokes of colour on paper to express themselves.

Daily journaling helps improve your confidence

For the more artistically inclined, journaling can be a live progression of improvement in writing or painting.

For those using journaling to track goals, it can be confidence boosting to flip back and see for yourself how many goals you have achieved thus far.

Journaling can help you connect with yourself

We often don’t understand our problems unless we say it out or process it in some way. Journaling can reveal to us what our we are feeling at the moment.

It also clues us in to what works for best for us when unwinding, a detail like what colours we use more when we are happy versus when we are upset. It makes processing our emotions a smoother, more involved process for all involved.

Daily journaling can help reduce stress and anxiety

It is common to hear people talking about journaling in their worst times. After a stressful day or a harrowing argument, it is therapeutic to take control over ourselves and express our important, personal feelings.

Especially when angry, journaling is a healthier way of expressing dark, aggressive emotions until you calm down instead of saying it to a person in the heat of the moment.

Journaling can be inspiring

A lot of famous people have started out great projects with their mentions in a mere journal. All great ideas start somewhere, and a journal can be a useful place to note down ideas.

Especially when being in a creative space while journaling and being surrounded by new and old ideas in one place, even more ideas can take root in our mind.

It can help you remember better

Journaling to keep track of your day is immediately helpful. However, even when writing or painting experiences, turning back to them can remind us of the exact moment and its particulars.

Especially when recording important milestones and experiences, a journal can be an invaluable record.

Journaling is a good way to organize yourself

Daily journaling presents an opportunity to have all your artworks, loose scrapbook sheets, diary entries, date-wise records in one place.

Not only can it help keep a track of all that you’ve done, you can easily flip back and access content from a particular date as well. It is also easier to stow away and make sure nothing is misplaced.

Final Thoughts

Daily journaling is a gift for all, especially for pensive Tumblr-owning, iced coffee-drinking, neurodivergent and perpetually harrowed girls who all are very much me and my type.

For the men, I would definitely recommend the same as, since, the whole patriarchy thing forbids having feelings and emotions. Again I repeat, “Since smashing a wooden table, biting people and loudly cursing in front of people’s house is illegal, daily journaling is the next best option.

Please buy a pink notebook, a fluffy pen and heal yourself, I promise it’s worth it.

Image source: Fabio Derby, free and edited on CanvaPro

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