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How To Micromanage Small Teams Without Crushing Creativity?

More than often, in the corporate world, micromanagement has stifled creativity. So how can small teams be led effectively? Read here…

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Long Hours At Work… Are Extra, Not A Measure Of My Commitment!
The Efficiency Ethos #Long Hours Spent At Work

“We’re in the business of innovation,” she said, “yet we cling to outdated notions that long hours equal hard work. I refuse to accept that. And I believe we all deserve better.”

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Is Your Workplace Toxic? Do The Checklist!
Toxic work place

I began to wonder what it takes to make an inclusive, safe, and non-toxic workplace? Is it by supporting the employees to invest their full potential into the work, or by encouraging work-life-balance?

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8 Must Dos To Take Your Career To The Next Level
career growth

Career growth for any individual can be challenging, especially in a field that's unfamiliar. Here are 8 things you should be focusing on to have a healthy career.

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6 Ways To Express Gratitude To Become A Better Leader

Do you want to appreciate your colleagues and mates? Here are 6 simple ways to express gratitude that will help you become a better leader.

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5 Tips On How To Stay Positive After A Lay-Off
5 Tips On How To Stay Positive After A Lay-Off

How to stay positive after a lay-off and find motivation to start all over? Here are 5 tips that will help you.

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