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work-life balance
6 Types of Imposter Syndrome
6 Different Types Of Imposter Syndrome And How to Counter Them

Imposter Syndromes is experienced internally as chronic self-doubt and feelings of intellectual fraudulence. There are 6 types of Imposter Syndrome.

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9 to 9 Jobs — Where Is The Work-Life Balance?
work-life balance

Most jobs, specially in developing economies, do not give much emphasis on work-life balance! The result of this is confused, overworked and frustrated individuals who in spite of all the earnings are just not happy.

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I’m Completely Burned Out, But You Drove Me To This…

It was your job to give me my inner voice - so why did you keep hammering it in all the time - "hard work always pays!"?

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I Need My Space, And I Will Create It If Needed

“Your primary responsibility is to our family, Priya. Anyway, this is a temporary situation and will become redundant when work from office resumes. Until then, learn to adjust."

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Time Management For Freelancers – 10 Tips From My Personal WFH Experience

Time management for freelancers is an essential part of acing deadlines, satisfying your clients - and maintaining your own sanity. Find some really useful tips here!

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8 Steps To Stay Sane While Mom-ing & Working Full-Time From Home

Working from home full-time while managing toddlers isn't easy. But here are 8 steps that helped me be a better mommy while working!

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