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Pooja Malhotra

A dreamer who believes that life is bigger than anything that can happen to you. A fighter, a survivor, a daughter, a wife, a mother, a sister, a friend but above all..a woman.

Voice of Pooja Malhotra

On Loving Yourself: Why Self-Acceptance Is Key

"Acceptance is the key to success. Accept and love what you have and make the most of it." What does this really mean to us?

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A Woman Of Substance – Drawing Inspiration From Fiction

Emma, an oppressed but resourceful servant girl, acquires a shrewd determination; hones her skills; discovers the meaning of treachery; learns to survive, to become a woman, and vows to make her mark in the world.

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CSR, Education And Skill Development – A Perspective

CSR is Corporate Social Responsibility but does the responsibility ends with great numbers on paper or should it go beyond?

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A Candle Burns To Give Light…The Conundrum Of Parenting

In our pursuit of becoming a friend to our children, have we lost that precious parent-child relationship?

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Not Having A Job Is Not The End Of The Road, It Is The Beginning

Quitting or losing a job is not the end of the road. There might be better opportunities waiting for you once you decide to leave the same old terrain and follow your dreams.

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