8 Must Dos To Take Your Career To The Next Level

Career growth for any individual can be challenging, especially in a field that's unfamiliar. Here are 8 things you should be focusing on to have a healthy career.

Your career path is shaped by expertise and skill improvement. Here are a few things you should be focusing on to have healthy career growth.

A career path can never be smooth.

Nor should one expect growth unless you enhance your expertise. Someone else may come and rise above you since he/she has better expertise. After all, seniority no longer remains the only criteria.

What are the things you can focus on?

  • Try to be fluent in the language you are supposed to converse in: If you have to work in a remote place in Kerala, be sure that you know Malayalam well. If you are to attend seminars of an international level, be perfect in English.

If your product requires interaction with common people in the Northern belt, do learn Hindi well. And if you have to work internationally, you can try your hands in learning Spanish, French, and German, etc. depending upon the nations you’re supposed to be in. In short, don’t expect others to accept you as you are. Going a bit out of the way will help.

  • This is the world of IT, and you’ve to accept it: Expertise in making presentations, spreadsheets etc. will take you a long way. Agreed that someone can do it for you, but the person may not be available when you have a very important meeting, and you will be left in jeopardy.
  • Dressing right is equally essential: No, I am not giving lectures about whether it should be a pair of jeans, or a pair of trousers, or a sari. I am just saying that it should be occasion-appropriate and neat, clean, and ironed.
  • Increasing skill sets is always useful: Not only in the field you are in but also in fields related to yours. Nowadays, you need not wait for proper classroom coaching, which requires a lot of time.

You can also do online courses that are offered by IGNOU and other leading Universities in India and abroad, especially if you are managing a home and career, and have too much on your plate.

  • Understanding finances is one of the most critical things in any job: If you are in a technical job, it is techno-economic viability; if you are in a marketing field, it is profits that will be earned in the short time and in long term.
  • If you are working for or owning a start-up, studying similar products is a “must-do” item: You should have complete knowledge about it. You should also be aware of such products in other countries (if they exist) and how their financial performance has been so far.
  • You should also leave jealousy behind: At times, you may feel that you were better than “X”, but he/she has been promoted. This may cause hurt, which is but natural. However, everyone will know your worth and talk about it to your HR or boss. If it still doesn’t work, be ready to take a plunge in some other industry.
  • Making eye contact when delivering a lecture or a presentation: This will give you the confidence to deliver well. Obviously, you have to be thorough in the subject that you have to make your presentation on.

So what are you waiting for? Start with the things you can improve immediately!

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