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Urmi Chakravorty

A former educator who loves to explore the fascinating world of words. A military spouse and hands-on mom....a self-confessed optimist who cherishes the beauty of solitude and the creativity it generates....a freelance content writer and occasional contributor to The Hindu, The Times of India and a few web platforms.

Voice of Urmi Chakravorty

“Come Back? Where I Was Treated Like Dirt For A Medical Condition I Can’t Control?!”

“So, what do you suggest I tell Ma? That she give up all hopes of having grandchildren? That you had failed to take care of yourself and insisted on going to work daily, and now we all have to bear the consequences?”

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What Happens To Others Who Come Out? Does Their Life Come To A Grinding Halt Like Mine?

One evening Tarun called up. His family had decided to enrol him for 'Gay Conversion Therapy' at some shady clinic in the suburbs. The news choked me and I was left groping for words.

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Motherhood Was Something She Had Looked Forward To, With Or Without Marriage

But for Inaya, this was just the beginning and the long road ahead did not lead anywhere even remotely close to marriage and domestic bliss.

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The Saga Of New Year Resolutions – Do You Also Go Through This Dilemma?

Each new year, I see people make new year resolutions and I try to make some too. But which ones to make, the dilemma continues...

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What Is It That You Seek Outside Of Your Marriage?

Every discussion with Amol seemed to resonate with Sunaina while the most basic conversation she had with Dwarkesh left her feeling inept and unworthy.

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To-Do Or Not-To-Do – The Eternal Dilemma

Taking charge, gaining control over daily activities and rediscovering my true self. The perks of retired life! 

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The Joy Of Detachment

Sitting in the quiet, uneventful and rather conservative town of Gorakhpur 28 years ago, receiving  goodies on a platter was nothing less than a mic-drop moment for me!

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