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Urmi Chakravorty is a military spouse and former educator, who has imbibed lasting life lessons from both her roles. Her articles, stories and poetry have found space in The Hindu, The Times of India, Women's Web, TMYS Reviews, Mean Pepper Vine, The Chakkar, The Wise Owl, Kitaab International and other erudite platforms. Her writings have been included in more than thirty domestic and international literary anthologies and journals, in both the digital and paperback versions. Winning the elite Orange Flower Award for her piece on the LGBTQIA community in 2022 marked a milestone in her writing career. Humans of Bombay had done a story on Urmi and her love for travel, which was hugely appreciated on both Instagram and Facebook. Freelance reviewing and editing-proofreading are other areas she dabbles in. A self-confessed optimist, Urmi believes that writing provides the calm to her inner cacophony.

Voice of Urmi Chakravorty

Let\'s Gift Our Girls a Gender-Equal Society  #FridayFuel (National Girl Child Day)
Will We Merely ‘Celebrate’ National Girl Child Day On 24th Jan, Or Will We Take Action?

The Indian girl child stares at an uncertain and uphill journey right from birth, and faces discrimination, dismissal, and rejection at every step. What can we do better?

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Stress-free diwali celebration
How I Celebrated A Stress-Free Diwali and Felt Better

From virtual detox to outsourcing chores, a liberated celebration focuses on well-being and meaningful connections.

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The Celebration of Otherness during Festive Times
Why Can’t Sex Workers In Kolkata’s Sonagachi Have The Same Right To Celebrate Ma Durga?

On one hand, we worship the essence of womanhood these nine days. And on the other, we consciously and deliberately turn a blind eye to the hopes and aspirations of a large chunk of women, as if they do not exist.

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Rainbow Love   #CelebratingtheRainbow
It’s A Long Way Yet, But Workplaces Are Changing To Be Inclusive Of Rainbow Love

After the customary team-building and motivational points, he made the most important announcement – that of forming an LGBTQIA Club, and including their interests and requirements in the company policies.

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How Much Pain Is Real Enough To ‘Become Sentimental’ As You Say, Doctor?

My OBGYN was quite taken aback to see me in tears. She gave a small laugh and said, ‘But Madam, it was just an eight-week-old, ill-formed foetus - why are you being so sentimental?”

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Give Me Period Leave, My Body Needs Rest!
Give Me Period Leave, My Body Needs Rest!

Period leaves are for resting, it should not be seen as a paid holiday availed to fulfil one’s personal agenda and outstanding errands.

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After The Years Of Humiliation And Gaslighting In Marriage, This Was Different!

“I’m so happy to know that you enjoy my company. I, too, value your friendship immensely…believe me, I do. But right now, I don’t think I’m ready for this.”

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solo vacation
My 1st Solo Vacation At 50 Was All That I Dreamt Of, And More!

This new year, take a solo vacation. Unlike the much-touted weight loss or decluttering goals, this one is way more doable. And enjoyable.

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Despite Superlative Performances, Darlings Stumbles Into Some Far-Fetched Plot Holes!

Trigger Warning: This deals with domestic violence and dark themes and may be triggering to survivors. Any movie that boasts of a stellar cast comprising Alia Bhatt and Shefali Shah is bound to pique the discerning cine-goer’s interest and draw a more-than-average viewership. Hence, it was with a lot of expectations that I started watching […]

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Recipe for a Perfect Marriage
Why Does A Woman Always Have To Submit Herself To A Litmus Test In The Indian Marriage?

This pathbreaking collection of short stories, penned entirely by women, seeks to challenge patriarchy, smash stereotypes, forge new paths ahead, and leave behind a breadcrumb trail of gratification, joy, pathos, smiles, tears, triumph, and the entire gamut of human emotions.

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If She Hadn’t Tested COVID Positive, Would She Ever Have Got A Break From The Daily Drudgery Of Work & Home?

Myra reached for her phone. “Leena, don’t you think you should stay in isolation for some more days? It’s barely been a week, and you’ve not even regained your strength. The house seems to be running fine, so what’s the rush?”

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She Was Gone, But Had Left A New Direction For Hope After Her…

The congratulatory messages kept pouring in as did the constant comparison between Disha, the accomplished all-rounder, and Sneha, the plain Jane elder sister who was, well, somehow trying to complete her basic studies!

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The Bridges To Her Past Lay Broken And She Had No Intention Of Mending Them…

Gradually, this became a pattern. No matter how assiduously Minati tried to evade her father-in-law, he would find ways and means of crossing her path. And touching her inappropriately.

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Most Marriages Happen Between Strangers

“Would you like to change into something more comfortable, Teeya?” he asked. Teeya liked Rajat’s smile – it appeared honest. And gentlemanly. Of course, it was too early to really know.

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“Come Back? Where I Was Treated Like Dirt For A Medical Condition I Can’t Control?!”

“So, what do you suggest I tell Ma? That she give up all hopes of having grandchildren? That you had failed to take care of yourself and insisted on going to work daily, and now we all have to bear the consequences?”

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What Happens To Others Who Come Out? Does Their Life Come To A Grinding Halt Like Mine?

One evening Tarun called up. His family had decided to enrol him for 'Gay Conversion Therapy' at some shady clinic in the suburbs. The news choked me and I was left groping for words.

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Motherhood Was Something She Had Looked Forward To, With Or Without Marriage

But for Inaya, this was just the beginning and the long road ahead did not lead anywhere even remotely close to marriage and domestic bliss.

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The Saga Of New Year Resolutions – Do You Also Go Through This Dilemma?

Each new year, I see people make new year resolutions and I try to make some too. But which ones to make, the dilemma continues...

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What Is It That You Seek Outside Of Your Marriage?

Every discussion with Amol seemed to resonate with Sunaina while the most basic conversation she had with Dwarkesh left her feeling inept and unworthy.

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To-Do Or Not-To-Do – The Eternal Dilemma

Taking charge, gaining control over daily activities and rediscovering my true self. The perks of retired life! 

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The Joy Of Detachment

Sitting in the quiet, uneventful and rather conservative town of Gorakhpur 28 years ago, receiving  goodies on a platter was nothing less than a mic-drop moment for me!

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