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Why Are Most Indian Parents Reluctant To Confront An Abusive Son In Law And His Parents?

Most Indian parents don't raise their voice, or don't teach their daughters to raise a voice against abuse. That's where the men and their parents get the guts to run amok.

Most Indian parents don’t raise their voice, or don’t teach their daughters to raise a voice against abuse. That’s where the men and their parents get the guts to run amok.

Radha always came to her parents’ place feeling humiliated and sad. In her 3 years of married life, there wasn’t a single day when she wasn’t belittled and humiliated by her husband and in-laws. Her husband had subjected her to domestic violence too.

The lively and pretty Radha had become dull and lifeless. She had told her parents about this many times, but every time they asked her to “adjust and give in.”

Every time her husband came to her parents’ home to take her away, her parents would treat him with respect, make a variety of dishes for him, and be meek in front of him. Whenever they met her in-laws, they would be subservient and subdued. They would never confront them about why they treated Radha so badly.

Sounds familiar?

Why, parents? Why do you do this?

How many times do we hear about or see Indian parents confronting their sons-in-law or their daughter’s vicious, greedy, or violent in-laws? Why are they scared or reluctant despite knowing that their daughter is subjected to humiliation and torture day in and day out?

Is it because they are scared that if they confront the son-in-law he would divorce the daughter and then what would the ‘samaj’ (society) say? Is it because they believe once a daughter is married off their responsibilities towards her is over?

Most Indian parents don’t raise their voice, or don’t teach their daughters to raise voice against bad treatment. That’s where the men and their parents get the guts to behave even worse with the women.

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Why wait for things to get out of hand?

How can parents do this? Ironically, the man’s parents keep on supporting their devil of a son but the woman’s parents cannot protect or support their suffering daughter!!

There’s no point in crying or filing case if, God forbid, the woman takes an extreme step. When she does that out of desperation or depression, the husband, in-laws, and her parents are equally responsible.

Indian parents, please wake up! Don’t be bothered about the regressive rituals or society, think about your daughters. Make her strong and be strong yourself.

Have the guts to confront your daughter’s tormentors, don’t let them believe that your daughter has no support and that she has no other place to go.  A daughter should have her parents’ unconditional love and support throughout her life.

Stop being scared, look into the eye of the tormentor, and question!

Bring the change…

Image source: a still from the movie A Suitable Girl

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