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The Lonely 40s In A Woman’s Life…

This is the time when a woman needs a lot of emotional support, but mostly it's believed that she is fine.

One of the toughest phase in a woman’s life is during her mid to late 40s. Everything starts leaving her… parents get older and leave the world, children grow up and leave the nest to build a life of their own, beauty starts fading, health and energy levels lessen, menopause slowly sets in, many friends leave; this is the stage where a woman is lonely in many ways.

It’s assumed that only homemakers feel void and empty, but I have seen this in women who have a full-time job as well.

This is the time when a woman needs a lot of emotional support, but mostly it’s believed that she is fine.

Learn to be kinder. No one should simply point out how she has gained weight or has dark circles or her skin is sagging or that she shouldn’t be depressed.

Be kind to every woman you meet, sometimes hear your friend, colleague or your sister out. Eventually everyone learns to cope, but sometimes all women need is someone to hear them out, someone to understand. It’s a tough phase after all.

Women going through this will relate…

Image source: a still from the film English Vinglish

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