SRK, Salman Can Still Act As Studs, While Their Heroines Kajol, Madhuri Are ‘Boring’ Moms?

The ageism in Bollywood is glaring with male actors still doing 'stud' roles opposite women half their age, while their earlier heroines are now 'boring' old women?

The world is male dominated period.  It might takes centuries for women to be at par.  It’s a sad truth and coming from a feminist like me.  Since the time she is in her mother’s womb, the girl child has to fight to get her due.

Now coming to ageism, marital status and being a parent, in most cases its the women who are judged and asked to “be in that role”.

Let’s take a look at the movie stars who are adored by the nation.  The famous jodi of SRK-Kajol from the 90s is still loved by all.  But yes… age spares no one and they also have aged, which by the way is a natural phenomenon.  But, but.. SRK can still get away with romancing heroines half his age, still spreading his arms and doing his signature moves, displaying his six packs, and being called “hot”.  While Kajol who is almost a decade younger to him, has been relegated to “mother” roles and that too mother of teenagers since in real life she has a teen daughter!  Why the hypocrisy?

It’s a sad state of affairs where talented leading ladies like Madhuri Dixit, Kajol, Juhi Chawla and many others have to playing the “warrior mothers” while their contemporary or older leading men are still romancing and playing the leading men.  Forget being leading ladies, why can’t these actresses play roles of fun, vivacious, goofy, flawed characters?  Why do they have to play mother and that too sad and fighting mothers?

Being in the 40s and mother of teenagers doesn’t make you dull, lifeless and old! A Malaika at 49, who looks great, is being called a budhdhi and aunty but a Salman Khan or SRK, who are much older and look their age, are still called desirable and hot.  Why the double standards?

Let’s accept ageing as a natural process and be fair to both the genders.  If a woman is a parent or has wrinkles, so does the man!

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