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10 Trisha Krishnan Films To Binge-Watch This Summer Besides Ponniyin Selvan 2!

Trisha Krishnan, the star who plays Kundavai in the Ponniyin Selvan films, was born on 4th May 1983. We share a list of Trisha Krishnan films to watch, on her birthday.

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Salman’s Obnoxious Actions And Abhishek’s Clueless Patronising… Grow Up, Boys!

Are these men from Bollywood truly clueless about their internalised misogyny or do they think they can get away with such statements and behaviour?

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Old Interview Of Neetu Kapoor Surfaces On Twitter, Justifies Rishi’s Alleged Infidelity?

I don’t endorse Neetu Kapoor’s views, as it promotes patriarchy and abuse, and encourages men to be tone deaf to their partner’s feelings, to be disrespectful towards them, even violence.

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As A Punjaban, Yash Raj Films Shaped My Childhood… Before Losing Their Charm Altogether!

Perhaps, as Partition inheritors, both my parents realise the importance of happy endings, which is what caused them to introduce me to YRF the moment I started breathing. 

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Paparazzi Invade Private Lives Of Celebrities And Shame Them For Pushing Back? STOP!

I don't think it's fair or necessary for a famous person's life to be under a microscope. Shouldn't the public be considerate of the boundaries a star sets? Does being famous entitle others to have their life made public?

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Priyanka’s Interview Exposes How Women Can Lose Jobs Due To Workplace Bullying

A change of environment, and even more importantly, being in a professional space where the same alleged bullies cannot affect her career, made Priyanka feel psychologically safe to speak her truth.

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