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Women’s Helpline 1091: Raise Your Voice Against Domestic Violence

Are you or anyone you know facing domestic violence? Do not suffer in silence - it is time to speak up. Call the women's helpline 1091 for help.

Are you or anyone you know facing domestic violence? Do not suffer in silence – it is time to speak up. Call the women’s helpline 1091 for help.

Domestic Violence is an ugly truth that our society has silently witnessed over the years. And, if you think that it is limited to the rural or the poor strata of the society, mind you it isn’t. Domestic violence is pretty much a thing in the urban set up where there is no reasonable dearth of either education or for that matter money.

It is worrisome that what happens in poor and underprivileged households is an equally glaring trend with the urban privileged. There are several instances where women who are working and are financially independent are getting beaten up and being harassed by their husbands or in laws, and sometimes even at the hands of their own kin. Surprised? Don’t be. A recent study has also revealed that it is the domestic violence in the urban areas that goes unnoticed and brushed under the carpet much more than that we witness in rural areas. Surprising, right?

Domestic violence is something that many women have faced from the time they came into this world. Right from the sting of being born as a girl child, and thereafter the arduous journey to prove your worth at every juncture, this constant battle has been more difficult than staying alive. And, it is not always the physical violence that takes the toll, sometimes it is the mental and the psychological trauma that wrecks havoc more. And sadly, this is yet again something that is seldom recognised and addressed as a brutal form of abuse by the family members and within the family periphery.

But, what needs some serious thinking is: why is domestic violence kept under wraps until it reaches a point where things become intolerable and unimaginably brutal? Why the wait is till a woman is battered, ravaged, raped, burnt alive, or sold? Why it is not stopped and acted upon in the first instance it happens, why?

I think that there could be many reasons. Societal pressure, the pressure to stay in a marriage, abide by what the family thinks. The lack of financial independence, what do I do without them? The social stigma that is associated with women who cannot tend their homes well. Lack of support from friends and family. And then, the kids perhaps.

Think about it, reasons are in plenty. But within all this what comes out glaring is, it is all for others and not for the ‘self’. A women is so bound by various clutches and rings around her that coming out of an abusive situation and standing up for herself is something that comes across as a difficult proposition. The truth is, standing and defending her own stance is a game that is rather difficult when the turf for the abuse is what we call our ‘home’.

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I recently came across a powerful ad against domestic violence.

This helpline 1091 has been there in existence for long, but seldom do women know about it. Let’s talk about domestic violence. Let not let any man or any family member violate the bare existence as a woman. Let’s help those who cannot voice and help themselves from the clutches of ruthlessness and brutality. As women, let’s stand for those who can’t stand for themselves. Let us stand up for a life of dignity. Let’s vouch to put an end to this untold misery that women across the board gulp down their throat without a whimper. Let’s do it… for ourselves and for others!

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