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Pranjali Hasotkar

I am a journalism student with a penchant for writing about women and social issues. I am an intersectional feminist and an aspiring journalist. I identify as she/her.

Voice of Pranjali Hasotkar

daycares in Delhi NCR
10 Daycares In Delhi NCR You Need To Check Out Right Now!

Daycares are crucial for children & their personal development & we need them too! Here is an exhaustive list of daycares in Delhi NCR.

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Feminist Bollywood movie dialogues
8 Powerful Feminist Bollywood Movie Dialogues That I Love!

Bollywood has been there for a while now, but recently feminist Bollywood movie & their dialogues are getting the traction they much deserve.

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Young Onset Parkinson's disease
Women With Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease Can Have A Tough Life At Work And Home

What do we know of Young Onset Parkinson's disease (YOPD) that occurs before 40 years of age, and can affect lives of women at work and home?

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M Fathima Beevi
Why The Story Of M Fathima Beevi, The First Woman Supreme Court Judge, Is Especially Inspiring

M Fathima Beevi was the first woman judge to the Supreme Court as well as the first Muslim woman judge there. A tribute on her birthday today.

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Kirty Datar
It Was A Simple Thought That Grew, Says Kirty Datar About CANEBOT!

Kirty Datar, alongside her husband Milind, left their cushy jobs for their passion to build CANEBOT, and it's an inspiring journey!

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Laila Tyabji & Dastkar- A Relationship That Stood The Test Of Time!

Laila Tyabji, a Padma Shri holder, is an artist, writer & designer who continues to hold the baton of Indian heirloom and craftsmanship!

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Have A Look At These 6 Bollywood Actresses Who Are Investors Too!

These 6 Bollywood actresses are yet again exceptionally creating their name in the investment field by being top-notch investors!

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Meet 9 Yesteryear Bollywood Actresses Who Found A New Career!

These yesteryear Bollywood actresses have shown how showbiz is just the tip of the iceberg, and they're much more than & are following their passions today!

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7 Female Finance Influencers In India That Are Saving The Day!

Women are striving to get what they want and these female finance influencers in India are helping get financial literacy. Meet them here!

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4 Bollywood Male Actors Who I Think Are Almost Feminist!

The idea of feminism and feminists is hazy in Bollywood, and most actors don't usually speak about it. But, these 4 actors have been extremely vocal about their alignment with feminism.

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Meet Karishma Mehta, The First Human At Official Humans Of Bombay!

Two strangers sitting on Mumbai's Marine Drive, binding a web of beautiful possibilities that is Karishma Mehta & Humans of Bombay!

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Craving Indian Breakfast During Pregnancy? Ready List Of 8 Healthy Dishes

A good and healthy Indian breakfast during pregnancy is essential for all to be moms- be it the working ones or the stay-at-home ones!

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Capt. Durba Banerjee, First Indian Woman Commercial Pilot Breaking Stereotypes

Capt. Durba Banerjee has been so many firsts- here's another of her firsts: she flew the Tornado A-200, Airbus 300 and Boeing 737- WHAT?

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How Harshini Kanhekar, India’s First Woman Fire Fighter Is Burning Stereotypes!

Harshini Kanhekar, the first woman firefighter, was 'the only girl in NFSC' who made headlines- her professors and peers didn't exempt her from her gender.

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Here’s Why These 5 Indian Women Filmmakers Depict Realism!

Here’s my attempt to tell you to look at these beautiful movies- because Indian women filmmakers are the driving force that keeps it real!

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The Sweaty Lie Of Sweat Belts and Tummy Tuckers

After you pull apart your armour of confidence, sweat belts or the tummy tuckers, you are afraid of what comments you'd pass on your own body.

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Why Akanksha Sharma, CEO Of CITTA, Is The Need Of The Hour For Safe Baby Products!

Akanksha Sharma, CEO of CITTA, wants every kid to feel the love of their grandmothers. Her mom Monisha Sharma is the visionary who is with her, always!

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How Suta Founders Sujata And Taniya Biswas Successfully Wrapped Six Yards Of Elegance!

What happens when two people from corporate backgrounds come together? Suta Founders Sujata and Taniya Biswas have a story to share!

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Why Swati Ramanathan, Co-Founder Jana Group, Is A Name To Remember

Do remember the name of Swati Ramanathan, Co-Founder Of Jana Group, because she is the person you are going to be talking about soon...

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Hema Hattangady And Why I Choose To Call Her The Sustainable Queen!

Hema Hattangady and her journey from project executive at Enercon systems to the CEO of Conzerv Systems is inspiring! Here's her life story.

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