How Suta Founders Sujata And Taniya Biswas Successfully Wrapped Six Yards Of Elegance!

What happens when two people from corporate backgrounds come together? Suta Founders Sujata and Taniya Biswas have a story to share!

What happens when two people from corporate backgrounds come together and work effortlessly? They make SUTA – Meet Suta founders Taniya & Sujata Biswas!

That’s how the Biswas sisters- Taniya and Sujata, an IIM Lucknow graduate and the latter, an IIFT Delhi graduate came together to create sustainable, gorgeous, elegant sarees that take us back to our mothers’ closets.

Love, passion, ancestry – the soul of Suta

In 2015, a vision, passion for entrepreneurship, and love for sarees brought Sujata and Taniya together in this new venture- effortless sarees that weave the bond of traditional and contemporariness together.

Suta focuses on intricate details in their sarees with pinches of boldness and sophistication. Their attention to detail and sincerity sets them apart- and make their products unique but mostly homely.

SUTA is a house of sarees, carefully woven across villages of India. SUTA is a child of love- like the actor that finally got the play they wanted to perform. It is born with love, passion, ancestry and decades of traditions in Indian families.

Not always ‘sarees and business’ for Suta Founders Sujata and Taniya Biswas

It was not always sarees and business for the Suta Founders Sujata and Taniya Biswas. They originally hailed from Kharagpur but grew up all over Eastern India.

Sujata completed her MBA from IIFT Delhi and set her foot on the corporate grind for another six years- working across significant firms like the Esser group and Jindal group.

As for Taniya, she completed her MBA from IIM Lucknow and went on to work for three years across the TATA group and IBM.

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But, the heart wants what it wants- who’d know a simple discussion with a few weavers across their hometown would etch her heart, eventually prompt their decision.

Su is the brain behind SUTA, while Taniya’s heart played a big role in their company- together, with Sujata’s brain and Taniya’s heart- they birthed SUTA!

The strong desire of Suta Founders to empower the artisans manifested

Su and Ta’s love affair with the loom started way back when they were just little girls, mimicking their mother- wearing sarees, and running across the yards. In an interview, the sisters reminisce about their childhood, they say:

“As kids, we played hide and seek in the garden where our grandmother used to dry her sarees. We ran around them and felt the softest, fragrant fabric on our faces and skin.”

Adding Suta into the conversation, they say:

“Our love for textiles and art forms and a strong will to empower very talented and deserving artisans made us quit and take a big step towards our dream. The magic of thread drew us like a magnet.”

SUTA continues weaving connections across the country

It’s utterly beautiful how the word ‘SUTA’ literally means thread. Sujata and Taniya’s dream was simple- to bring back years of tradition with a touch of modernity. The beauty of SUTA is their love for their products.

When the now Suta Founders, Sujata and Taniya Biswas quit their jobs, they had several obstacles to pass through. Both of them had worked in secure firms, and entrepreneurship came along with its sets of difficulties for them. They juggled ideas and thoughts only to realise the importance of quality products and not quality photoshoots.

So, the sisters started their quest from the north to the south. They travelled across the country to the remote villages of Meghalaya, Madhya Pradesh, Varanasi, Odisha, Gujarat and West Bengal. Here, they selected the best of weavers, and now, the Biswas sisters- SUTA has over 50 weavers across India.

Suta continuously proves the power of love and how it can weave across the country to make something undeniably personal and beautiful.

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