6 Highest Paying Jobs In Fashion Industry For Women Who Breathe Glamour!

A career in the fashion industry feels glamourous to many! If you are one of them, here are some highest paying jobs in fashion industry!

Fashion is expressive! It is a moment! But do you know behind all the glamour, individuals in the business of fashion work long hours to enhance & deliver their creativity. If this inspires you, here is a list of highest paying jobs in fashion industry just for you!

Unfortunately, the fashion business is often misconstrued as fashion designing. However, there is much more to fashion than fashion design! The jobs listed here pay well while the ones who work here have loads of fun.

So, let us look at these highest-paying fashion jobs in the industry!


Fashion stylists are responsible for planning and coordinating outfits for their clients. Their job is to make their clients shine as they magnify their clothing quality. Stylists for celebrities choose clothes for photo shoots, advertising campaigns, public appearances and television and film productions. 

These stylists need to upkeep their trends knowledge and use it to style their clients. Furthermore, they need to attend fashion shows or events as they continue to source clothes from brands.

Lastly, they need to be in contact with other creative professionals such as hair stylists, makeup artists and art directors. The average annual salary of a stylist is Rs 5 lakhs onwards. 

Fashion Designer

Fashion designers create clothes from scratch. They do not necessarily restrict themselves to clothing but also create accessories that enhance the outfit. While fashion designers are not bound to a particular company, they can work for a company and go solo by creating in mass production. 

Some fashion designers create items for runaways, boutiques and high-end stores. Fashion designers are responsible for sketching designs to create prototype garments. Lastly, an average annual salary of a fashion designer is Rs 3 lakhs. 

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Fashion Merchandiser

Fashion merchandisers make decisions concerning pricing, stock and presentation of products at retail stores. They are responsible for upkeeping a store’s visual appearance, checking inventory levels and coordinating sales promotion. 

Moreover, they conduct market research, analyze customer data, and their research helps them decide on purchase vendors and determine which products work best for their store. The starting annual salary of a fashion merchandiser is over Rs 4 lakh pa. 

Fashion buyer

Fashion buyers are responsible as they need to keep themselves updated with the latest fashion trends and work with retail or department stores to select the best products sold in their stores. These buyers are required to meet designers and attend trade and fashion shows. 

Their main motto is to find products, so while they make decisions on merchandise, they check the quality, price and customer habits before selling it in the stores. Lastly, they are responsible for negotiating contracts and coordinating with the deliveries. The annual average salary of fashion buyers is Rs 9 lakh pa. 

Fashion product manager

Fashion product managers are the CCTVs that oversee product development, design and sales team throughout the manufacturing lifecycle from conception to release. Moreover, their job is to ensure that their product aligns with their company’s overall goals and vision.

Fashion product managers usually oversee a specific product or a product line, namely women’s wear or footwear; they plan products according to their customers’ needs. They need to observe commercial trends, determine strategies and analyze if a particular product is more marketable and profitable. The average salary of fashion product managers goes up to Rs 16 lakhs pa. 

Fashion brand manager

A fashion brand manager’s job is self-explanatory. They manage and maintain their company (brand) image with two goals- attracting and retaining customers. Their job is to collaborate with the marketing, product development and creative team assuring that all their launches cling to their brand’s values. 

Moreover, they should manage everything related to a product’s promotional content, namely websites, advertisements and email campaigns. Lastly, they determine customers’ areas of interest and buying habits via market research. The annual average salary of a fashion brand manager is Rs 9 lakh.

These six- stylists, fashion designers, fashion merchandisers, fashion buyers, fashion product managers and fashion brand managers are by far the highest-paying jobs in the fashion industry. 

Jobs in the fashion industry are gaining momentum. The individuals who work in these fields work their way through success. Their work is tiring, and they often pull all-nighters, but it is all worth it in the end!

Image credits: National Skill India Mission

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