Bollywood Celebrity Stylist Saisha Shinde Comes Out As A Trans Woman; Gets Support

Saisha Shinde, who designed for the likes of Kareena & Deepika recently came out as a trans woman, garnering a lot of support from everyone. 

Saisha Shinde, who designed for the likes of Kareena & Deepika recently came out as a trans woman, garnering a lot of support from everyone. 

The new year 2021 came with some rays of sunshine. One of them was the coming out of Saisha Shinde as a trans woman and the accepting response of her followers. The fashion designer, known for her work in movies like ‘Fashion,’ put up a heartfelt note on her Instagram account, coming out to the public with her gender identity.  

Saisha spoke about the trauma she had been subjected to by boys at school and college. She was tormented for not conforming to normative notions of gender performance based on what gender she was assigned at birth. It compelled her to live a life for years which was not her reality.   

On Instagram shared with her followers how “Six years ago I finally accepted to myself, and today that I accept to you. I am not a gay man. I am a Trans woman.” 

In another note, she spoke of how there are many other people like her. People who need and deserve our support and love to traverse this difficult journey. 

How Saisha Shinde’s coming out is so important today

Trans people often find themselves as targets of violence solely because of their gender identity. Therefore, in a society as gendered and conservative as ours, coming out as a trans individual is especially daunting.

It is people like Saisha who carve out a space for themselves and other queer and trans people to believe that there is hope. Their struggles should be a note for us to do more and be better allies.  

The society we live in is still riddled with the disease of queerphobia and transphobia. In fact, the language we speak is gendered and is based on the assumptions of binaries of sex, gender and sexuality. And in such an environment, allies have to come forward and help trans people dismantle oppressive structures and traditions.  

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Love, kindness and acceptance go a long way in helping another individual. It is our duty as allies to make space for trans people to find acceptance to come out and live their truth. We have to amplify their voices, their needs and grievances. And we have to use the correct pronouns and give them the love and respect they deserve.  

As a society, we have a long, long way to go. But the love and support Elliot Page and Saisha Shinde are receiving shows the tide is hopefully, finally turning in the favour of acceptance.

As Saisha Shinde promises to live her truth fearlessly, we have to promise to make more space for her and other trans and non-binary people. 

Picture credits: Saisha Shinde’s Instagram profile

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