Hayley Anthony
Trans Woman Hayley Anthony Helped Invent A Surgery That Gave Her A Functioning Vagina

Hayley Anthony sparked the idea that allowed her doctor, Jess Ting, to come up with a new surgery that would give trans women a more “vagina-like” vagina.

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Akkai Padmashali: I’ve Struggled For 23 Years For My Identity, Success Feels Around The Corner
Akkai Padmashali

Akkai Padmashali was born a boy, but she always felt like a girl. It took a lot of struggle with herself, with her family, and society, to become who she is today, a transgender activist. 

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I’m Not A Man Or A Woman, And Your Social Norms Can Be A Nightmare For Me

I was labelled a 'boy' when born, but I'm not. I do not feel I am either a man or a woman, but often feel like a woman. In technical terms, I am a non-gender conforming, non-binary trans person expressing as femme.

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Is It A Crime To Be A Woman Or Transgender? ‘Bol’ Sheds Light On Many Gender Issues

Bol, an Urdu film, was made to shed light on women's rights, to bring the focus of media and the Pakistani elite to gender issues. 

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Lalita To Lalit: Story Of Constable Lalit Kumar Salve Who Grew Up As A Girl

The story of Lalit Kumar Salve, who recently underwent sex realignment surgery and rejoined duty as a constable, is an uplifting one. But, a lot still has to be done when it comes to transgender rights in India.

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This Viral Blog Post By The Mother Of A Trans Woman Is A Must Read For Every Parent!

This mother's son identifies as a woman. She has written a beautiful post that is touching everyone's hearts. Kudos to this mom for supporting her trans girl.

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