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Mirror On The Wall
A Short Story About Acceptance: Mirror On The Wall

The floral-leafy pattern in brown polished wood made the mirror look delicate and inviting. The fact that it could easily be carried around really irked Maa.

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Indian Content Creators Need To Stop Making Transphobic Reels In The Name Of Entertainment!

Indian content creators, especially cis het men, need to understand that it isn't enough to give a mere disclaimer saying "it's for entertainment" when this transphobic content reaches so many millions.

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Stop Reducing Women To Their Bodies And Fertility – Someone Who Feels Like A Woman, IS!

I suddenly felt bad how these amazing women, with all their existence and their presence, their talents and their skills, and intelligence and depth and intellect, were reduced to one part of their body.

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I’ve Just Realised I’m Surrounded By Transphobes And Homophobes

By giving him a grammar book, I could have helped him in rectifying his mistakes. But what about the transphobia and homophobia that raised its ugly head that evening?

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The Senseless Reason India’s ‘Third Gender’ (As Legally Called) Are Missing Out On Rightful Vaccination

Her hands slowly took it from me. She kept looking at them. Somehow, I felt the urge to ask her this question. “Akka, are you vaccinated?” This time my voice went feeble. In a second, her eyes turned moist.

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A Generous Dash Of Vermilion For The Goddess

By that time, a few other ladies had gathered around. Rumours fly faster than a supersonic plane in Indian societies. Chants of ‘new friend’ reverberated in front of the Goddess.

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